[Review] Bath and Body Works Cooling Gel Lotion

Hey everyone! Remember when I said I might have found a cheaper dupe for The Body Shop’s Body Sorbet? Well…this is it! Say hello to the Bath and Body Works Cooling Gel Lotion.

Bath and Body Works_Cooling Gel Lotion

It’s usually $12.50 per tube but, as many of us know, Bath and Body Works frequently has crazy sales. While I was off trying out that Endless Summer Wave & Shine Hair Mist I reviewed earlier, my friend picked this up for only $6.00. She got it in Sweet Summer Kiss, a lovely floral scent with a touch of passionfruit. Flirty and girly, this was another Bath and Body Works summer scent that I loved!

At first glance, it’s almost identical to the The Body Shop one, except the scent is slightly stronger and not as natural smelling. Still very nice, though.

This claims to “[provide] an irresistible cooling sensation, while conditioning Aloe, nourishing Vitamin E and soothing Cucumber Extract keep skin super soft and extremely touchable”. Sounds great for summer, doesn’t it? But is it really a dupe?

In order to answer this question, I offered to swap tubes with my friend for a week, just to test it out. Let’s see, shall we?

This one seemed to have more of a cooling sensation than The Body Shop one. It was refreshing and I loved it! Perfect for the summer heat.

It was a nice gel texture and looked every bit as much like sorbet as the Body Sorbet. It absorbed quickly, too, so no greasy residue. So far, so good!

However, like the Body Sorbet, it also left a sort of film on my skin. I wonder what ingredient they have in common that causes that…maybe it’s the gel texture?

I rubbed my skin a little more, just to see, and the most surprising thing happened.

I felt it starting to coming off in tiny chunks! Similar to peeling gel. However, it was barely visible. I suppose it was because of the light colour of the gel.

Well…that wasn’t exactly pleasant.

I expected this to be a light moisturizer, but it’s effects were pretty short-lived even for a light moisturizer. When it wasn’t coming off in tiny, mysterious chunks (I tend my rub my hands and arms quite a bit…bad habit, I suppose), my skin felt softer than before I applied it. However, the effect didn’t last all that long. It did keep my skin from becoming too dry, though, which I guess is all I really need.

The lovely scent, however, lasts a few hours. By the 3rd hour, it’s pretty subtle, but still there (If you bring your arm up to your face, that is).

So…it was a decent dupe, but fell a little short.


  • Beautiful summery scent
  • Nice gel texture
  • Immediate cooling sensation
  • Absorbed quickly
  • Skin is soft right after application
  • Kept skin from becoming dry
  • Scents lasts ~3 hours



  • Left a sort of film on skin
  • Comes off in tiny chunks when rubbed
  • Softness doesn’t last


Overall rating: 7/10

Would I purchase? Maybe.

For $6.00, this is a decent product, and much more affordable than The Body Shop one. I wouldn’t purchase it at the full price, but maybe at half price or less. My friend agreed with me about the performance of the product (And she was just as surprised by the tiny chunks), but she absolutely adores this scent and would buy it for just that, and the increased cooling sensation. So I guess you’ll have to try it yourself to see (At least there are testers in the store!).


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