[Review] Dove Extra Hold Hairspray

Hello everyone! I decided to review a little something that I used until up to a few months ago. Long overdue, obviously, but better late than never.

Dove_Extra Hold Hairspray


It was only after I tossed the bottle that I realized I had no pictures of my own for reviews…sorry about that.

I actually got this hairspray for free from a friend. She bought it during a buy one get one free sale and gave one to me, since I didn’t have one at the moment.

I used up about half of this before tossing it. You’ll know why in just a few more paragraphs.

The bottle design was pretty simple, but nothing wrong with that. The nozzle worked fine (Unlike my current one). It was easy to use and you could see how much product you have left.

There’s an overwhelming hairspray scent, like always, and after spraying this on, your hair almost instantly turns crunchy and dull. But at least the style doesn’t flop. It didn’t add extra weight, either.

However, this hairspray didn’t do much to help me style stay in place.

When I had my hair curled, it would fall straight an hour after I curled it. With this hairspray, it would be straight after 2 hours. But still crunchy and dull.

For other styles, it was about an extra hour before they fell apart, too (Basically, they fell apart by lunch). I was not too happy with this spray, despite getting it for free.

My friend experienced the same problem, although she used hers until it was empty (As she didn’t want to pay for another one).

It was also somewhat difficult to wash out, because it seemed to leave a sort of film on my hair that seemed nearly impossible to wash out in just one wash.

You can see why I tossed it, though.


  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t add extra weight



  • Overwhelming smell
  • Hair turns crunchy and dull
  • Doesn’t last
  • Hair remains crunchy and dull even after hairstyle falls apart
  • Difficult to wash out


Overall rating: 2/10

Would I repurchase? No.

Despite the fact I hate wasting products and love free stuff, I couldn’t put up with this hairspray any longer. Plus, I seldom use hairspray, so after about a year and a half with this product, I felt that it was best to just toss it and move on. Especially after I saw other ones on sale.


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