Limited Edition Frozen Items By PeriPera!?

I know, I know…Frozen themed Korean makeup? Say what?

peripera frozen

I was pretty surprised when I first found out, too. But it’s true. PeriPera has created a limited edition Frozen line of products. All available in trademark Frozen colours like Elsa’s icy blue and a gorgeous pastel purple shade, these products looks amazing!

Not sure about that whole ‘Pride Up’ thing, but whatever.

Unfortunately for me, I’m pretty broke right now and can’t bring myself to buy more, especially when I just bought so much recently. Plus, I’m looking to do another haul soon once winter starts to roll around to change up my skincare routine in preparation for the dry skin that comes with those cold winter winds.

However, that tint looks pretty tempting (Even more so since PeriPera tints are pretty famous). Plus, I love those nail colours. Every single one, especially that gorgeous baby blue sparkle. Perfect for winter. That Ice Jelly Sunblock sounds pretty interesting, too.

PeriPera has combined my love of Korean makeup with my love for Frozen…and I don’t know whether I can resist.


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