[Review] Lancôme Défincils Precious Cells – High Definition Amplifying Mascara

Whew…that is one long product name. Anyways, another review from my favourite luxury brand…is this going to be another HG? Let’s find out!

2013-11-22 21.34.03

I apologize in advance for the blurry pictures. I took these pictures a while back, when I only had my half-decent on a good day old cellphone camera.

This is, by the way, another sample mascara I got with a Lancôme purchase.

The product description for this mascara:

“A high-definition, amplifying mascara. Experience the first visibly regenerating, high-definition mascara by Lancôme. Its unique Lash Densifier complex, with precious plant cell extract, regenerates the lash condition (With bare lashes after 4 weeks) – so lashes are left stronger (With bare lashes after 4 weeks), densified and as though multiplied in number.”

Well…it would be a dream come true if it could actually do that.

However, at ~$35.00 per tube…it would hurt my heart (And wallet) less to purchase this mascara if it could actually do all of that.

Now, before I begin, I didn’t use this every day for 4 weeks to test this or anything. I’m writing this review after only 4 uses, in the span of 2 months.

However, my mom has used it enough that I feel I can somewhat comment on whether this actually improves your natural, bare lashes.

2013-11-22 21.34.31

The mascara tube is pretty standard. Black with gold and the typical Lancôme logo and rose emblem on the side of the cap.

2013-11-22 21.33.20

The wand is also pretty standard, nothing too fancy. However, I actually really like it, because I find it really easy to use. Plus, I definitely prefer something like this over those really big wands (I always end up smudging my lower lashes with those).

The formula is pretty pigmented, but not too goopy or thick. It didn’t start clumping until the 3rd coat, and, if I was careful enough, I never got that ugly spider lash effect at all.

The final look wasn’t as natural as I usually like my lashes, but my lashes definitely looked longer and fuller, and just more dramatic in general.

With just one coat, though, I can get a pretty natural look. So I’m definitely loving that.

My lashes were dry and stiff after this dried, but this mascara didn’t go anywhere after that. It held the curl pretty much all day, and never flaked or smudged on me. At the end of the day, it looked pretty good. No drooping or anything, though my lashes weren’t as curled as they were in the morning.

This mascara was pretty easy to remove, although it did require the use of makeup remover. I also did not have to remove any of my real lashes in order to remove this mascara, either.

Now, as for their claim about making your natural lashes look better…I’m sorry to say that’s not quite true. My mother’s lashes did feel softer and it did look as if there were more, but that may have just been wishful thinking on our part.

My lashes actually felt pretty soft after removing this mascara, too (Soft, not softer). So at least it doesn’t seem to damage them too much.

So, great mascara…not sure about the whole ‘unique Lash Densifier complex, with precious plant cell extract’. Sounds nice in theory, but doesn’t seem to work as well as one would think from their impressive sounding claim.


  • Easy to apply
  • Formula is a good consistency and pigmented
  • Doesn’t clump easily, no spider lashes
  • Lashes look fuller and more defined
  • Can look natural or dramatic
  • Holds a curl pretty well
  • Lasts all day
  • Easy to remove with makeup remover
  • Lashes are softer



  • Expensive
  • Starts clumping at third coat
  • Lashes feel stiff and dry with it on
  • Doesn’t really improve natural lashes


Overall rating: 9/10

Would I purchase? Maybe.

Honestly, as much as I love Lancôme, $35.00 is a little ridiculous for a product that I barely use. I would love another sample of this, though. This one is actually my favourite Lancôme mascara by far. Though it didn’t really live up its original claim, I never really thought it would, so I didn’t experience much disappointment. I love the wear of this mascara and how it doesn’t dry out my lashes, though.


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