[Review] TheFaceShop Spot Clear Intensive Patch

Another review for you guys! Enjoy!

As for pictures, it seems that WordPress simply does not want to cooperate right now. For some reason, whenever I try to even create a gallery or add a featured message, I get an error message. So I’ll try again to add some later, but for now, please bear with me.

One of my first purchases when TheFaceShop first opened in my city was this. I had tried the Etude House one and wanted to compare. I was hoping these would work well, since they were more easily accessible and the price wasn’t too bad ($1.50 for a sheet of 12).

This claims to be an “intensive blemish control patch with concentrated proven ingredients [that] helps fight blemishes”.

These are pretty similar to the Etude House ones. They’re thin, clear circles. Unlike the Etude ones, they were all the same size, but they were all a pretty good size, so it was fine. Plus, I could cut them in half or something if I wanted a smaller size.

The first day, I didn’t see any improvement. The second day, there was also no improvement. I didn’t completely lose hope, though, and just kept going.

The third day, there was a slight improvement. If it was a whitehead, though, then there was no real improvement until the 4th day.

For a regular pimple (One that’s not *too* angry or red or big), it takes about a week (Usually 6 days) of these patches to heal it. For whiteheads, it’s about 8 days. Which is a lot, considering that each package only come with 12. So one package can heal almost 2 pimples. Which makes it really costly.

For smaller pimples, it was only a few days, but I don’t really use these unless they’re bigger pimples.

Keep in mind, though, that my skin is resilient to most acne treatments by now because of how much I’ve put it through.

On the upside, they were much gentler than the Etude House ones. They took way longer to heal pimples, but left no scar or anything. And the active ingredients in these patches are less harsh than the ones in the Etude House ones.

So, this is a nice little extra to have in your beauty arsenal, but could definitely end up costing you a lot. And is definitely not the answer if you’re looking for a quick fix.


  • Good size
  • Gentle
  • Reduces amount of time it takes for a pimple to disappear



  • Takes days for any visible improvement
  • Expensive, considering how many patches are needed per pimple
  • Not as effective on whiteheads


Overall rating: 6/10

Would I repurchase? Probably not.

I’m going to keep trying out different brands until I find one that works for me, but I’m not going to repurchase these. At least, not anytime soon or as long as I have other options. I may recommend these to people with sensitive skin who haven’t tried as many acne treatments, as they might be more effective for them, though. But these just aren’t for me.


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