[Review] TheFaceShop Core Seed Purifying Essence

Hey guys, back with another review!
By the way…Wordpress seems to have changed its format once again. Now…I just have to figure out how to add pictures to my posts…again. Just when I think I’ve figured everything out…*sigh*.

Anyhow…on to the review! This time, I’m reviewing TheFaceShop’s Core Seed Purifying Essence.

This is one of the many samples that I’ve gotten from my frequent trips to TheFaceShop. It’s an essence that claims to create “pure, moisture and clear skin” and provides “tone-up, complexion, moisture, elasticity, shine”. Apparently, “as it is absorbed to skin fast, you can feel your skin becomes pure and elastic with 10 seconds’ patting”. Hmm…a little iffy about that last part.

This one sample provided me with about 4 days of use. Not much, but enough to see some of the initial effects.

This is an essence, so it was pretty runny and absorbed really quickly. There was a subtle perfumed scent, but not so overwhelming that it would bother anyone. Even if you’re sensitive to scents, this should be okay.

Since it’s so runny, a little goes a long way. Something about the size of a pea would be enough for your face and neck.

By the way, I definitely did not feel my skin becoming purer or more elastic within 10 seconds of patting. Not that I expected to, anyways.

I’m not sure about the clear skin part, since I didn’t use it for that long, but my face definitely felt a little softer, even after only 3 days of use.

One effect that I noticed after 2 days of using it, though, was that my face was brighter. It’s a little difficult to explain, but my skin glowed more than usual. After I stopped using it, the glowy effect lasted for another 2 days or so. So these are definitely short-term effects.

I didn’t experience any adverse reactions while using this, which is great.

So, while this essence didn’t wow me, it definitely impressed me to some extent. Seeing effects after only 2 days of use is pretty good.


  • Absorbs quickly
  • Subtle scent
  • Makes skin glow
  • Makes skin softer
  • Can see results quickly
  • A little goes a long way



  • Effects not immediate, contrary to claim
  • Effects short-term


Overall rating: 8/10

Would I purchase? Yes.

Despite the fact that this essence wasn’t amazing or mind-blowing, I was pretty happy with the results. Happy enough that I would consider purchasing it in the future. It’s a nice, simple essence that I feel would be a great addition to my usual skincare routine.


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