[Review] A’Pieu Mild Whip Cleansing Foam

Hey everyone! I’ve decided that, besides the featured image, I’ll just put any relevant pictures in a gallery until I can figure out how to insert them into posts. I’m trying, no worries!


Anyways, this is a review of a sample I got a little while ago. I got the Floral Blossom scent.

I was a little worried at first, because when I think of floral scents, I usually think of an overwhelming scent, so I was a little wary about this cleanser. However, I really like foaming cleansers, so I was on the fence about whether or not I would like this.

This cleansing foam is a pretty light pink, the same colour as shown on the bottle (Which is simple yet very cute). Yet I also thought this was somewhat unnecessary. I was curious about whether the different scents would be different colours, though. There are also Green Herb and Citric Fruits versions of this. While pink might be pretty, I’m not sure how I would feel about a green or orange cleanser…

Anyhow, contrary to my initial thoughts on the scent, I was pleasantly surprised. The floral scent is subtle yet definitely there. I really liked it. It was a lovely scent, and not too overwhelming.

The important part, though, is definitely whether or not this cleanser performed well.

This cleanser got my skin pretty squeaky clean, without any tight or dry feeling. Great, right?

I fell in love with this cleanser after pretty much one use. I would even go as far as to say that it’s *almost* (But not quite, because it doesn’t clean as well and doesn’t foam up quite as nicely) as good as my beloved Lancôme cleanser.

Another reason why it’s not my HG, is because it’s not as good at cleaning off make-up. Especially waterproof. You definitely have to clean pretty thoroughly with some makeup remover before using this cleanser.

In short, though, this is one pretty great cleanser.


  • Unnecessary colour
  • Doesn’t get rid of makeup, especially waterproof makeup



  • Subtle, pleasant scent
  • Cleans skin very well
  • No tight or dry feeling


Overall rating: 8.5/10

Would I purchase? Yes.

I’m considering purchasing this cleanser sometime in the future. But I’m pretty fickle with cleansers and creams and such, and, unless it’s HG material, usually move on soon after finishing it. This cleanser was really nice, though, so I might buy it. But I would definitely recommend it. Not to mention my wallet definitely prefers this cleanser over my HG Lancôme one…


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