GOT7’s “A”~


After teasing with us with that one little bit of “A” (Which, short as it is, has been stuck in my head for quite a while…), we can finally hear the whole song as well as another track through this wonderful little performance here.

I have to say, now that I’ve heard the song, I’m more excited for this comeback than ever. With the music video due in 3 days, I am definitely ready to fangirl my heart out. Especially after Mark’s adorable teaser and this performance…

I was a little disappointed that Mark didn’t get many lines, though (But those flips…gets me squealing every time)…I’m biased, though, because I just LOVE the sound of his voice.

I can’t wait for the album release, though. I loved pretty much every single song from their last album (So much that I gave in and bought it), so I have high hopes for this one. These two songs didn’t disappoint, which is good.

Now…can we just take a moment to appreciate that all black in the first part of the performance? Someone definitely needs to make a gif of it…seriously.

Anyways…GOT7 hwaiting~Just 3 days (And some more member teasers) left, guys!

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