[Review] TheFaceShop New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Dual Nose Sheet

More reviews! The title should make it pretty obvious what I’m reviewing, so let’s dive straight into the review.

2014-05-25 21.22.46

As some of you may know, this is my second review on a nose sheet that draws blackheads out rather than ripping them out like a regular pore strip. My last experience with one of these didn’t go so well, but I decided to give them another try. Like before, it comes with one sheet that draws blackheads out of your pores and another that closes your pores up afterwards.

The fit of this was decent, a little too big for my nose and it didn’t adhere too well to the front of my nose, where there were some blackheads. It didn’t slide off or anything, though…the ends just sort of flapped around a little.

The smell is a little hard to describe. It was as if it originally smelled like those volcanic sulfur pore strips with a touch of herbal medicine or something, and then they tried to cover it up with some artificial perfume. That’s about the best that I can describe it…sorry.

So I left the first one on for about 15 minutes, as stated on the package (It said 10-15 minutes) right after a bath, when the steam had opened up my pores. Like before, when I peeled it off, nothing was on the sheet itself. However, this time was even worse than the last.

There was literally nothing drawn out of my pores. Nothing at all.

I swiped with a q-tip anyways, just to be sure, but came up with nothing. Upon close inspection, I noticed that everything looked the exact same as before.

For this reason, I didn’t use the second sheet (I didn’t see a need for it) so I therefore can’t comment on it. I’m actually saving the second sheet for next time I use a pore strip to close up my pores.

Anyways…another nose sheet failure, I guess.


  • Better for your pores
  • Good concept



  • Ends don’t adhere too well
  • Doesn’t work


Overall rating: 2/10

Would I repurchase? No.

Unfortunately, as good as this concept sounds, it has yet to work for me. A little disappointing, since I was so ready to jump on board. Well, I guess I’ll just keep using my regular pore strips for now. Maybe, one day, I’ll find one of these that actually works for me. If I can ever actually bring myself to spend the money on one again.


3 thoughts on “[Review] TheFaceShop New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Dual Nose Sheet

      • hate when that happens. I’ve had a similar experience in trying a charcoal face mask. After hearing a lot of good things about them, it just didn’t seem that effective to me.

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