Pacific Mall Mini-Haul!

2014-06-09 20.45.26

Hey everyone! So, I recently went on a trip to Toronto and just had to stop by Pacific Mall. Last time I was there, they had TheFaceShop, TonyMoly and Holika Holika shops. This time, though, they also had Amore and Missha stores! Of course, I couldn’t help myself, and got a few items. I also got a few things for friends, which aren’t pictured.

(That polish isn’t black, by the way. It’s actually a blue so dark so that it looks purple or even black in certain light…)

I, unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to stop by Missha. My trip was really rushed…

I would’ve bought more if not for the fact they also had a store that sold K-Pop CDs (My wallet took a real hit because of this trip…) and how prices for a lot of products I wanted were way more than online.

For example, an essence and emulsion set I wanted that was ~$30.00 altogether (Shipping included!) online, it was $50.00+tax in store! No way was I paying over $20.00 more for these 2 products.

Another thing that sort of deterred me was how stingy they were with their samples. TonyMoly gave none (Despite the fact I spent $20.00 there) and Holika Holika gave me 2 the first time (I spent ~$50.00) and then none the second time (I spent ~$15.00). TheFaceShop was only giving samples for purchases over $25.00 and, from what I saw, they weren’t giving nearly as much as I get from my own TheFaceShop, and the prices for everything were the exact same.

Online and in my own TheFaceShop, I get more samples and prices for the more expensive items are better (Ex: Creams, toners, emulsions, masks, etc.).

In-store there were some items I had never seen online, though, and some items were pretty cheap. The eyeliner, for example, was $3.99+tax. Not bad, right? They also had testers for pretty much everything, which is something we don’t get online (And something that is definitely a plus!).

So, if possible, I say make the best of both worlds. Small purchases are best made at stores, and if you’re buying pricier items (Or love samples), then I suggest you check out some sites and compare prices first.

Anyways, I’ll have reviews up after a little while, because I want to try out everything before reviewing it. And I have a bunch of samples from TheFaceShop that I still need to try out, too. So check back soon for reviews!


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