[Review] Alberto VO5 Hot Oil Treatment

Hey everyone! I have another review here for you guys. As you know, prom season is upon us (And though some have past, for many, the date looms ever closer!) and I have a product that I think will be a great addition to that already long list of products that you need in order to transform yourself into a total princess!


My hair has always been something that I’ve prided myself on. I don’t think I have the nicest hair or anything, but it is nice. And I do take care of it. So, to me, beautiful hair is essential to any dressed up look for me.

This hair oil is my go-to whenever I need to get ready for special events like weddings, banquets and events like grad and prom.


Each package comes with 3 little tubes filled with oil, like the one pictured above. Simple, functional packaging and the product’s pretty easy to use, too!

Basically, you take 1 tube (2 for me, because I have long hair) and soak it in hot water for a little bit. After that, just spread it all over your hair and let it sit for awhile. Blow dry and brush, and that’s it! This gives me soft, sleek, shiny hair…and I have less frizz after using this!

The effect gradually fades after a few days, which is why I use it only for special events and not on a weekly basis. Still…a great product.

The only negative? My hair is pretty oily, and this makes it get oilier faster. Not on the day of, but you’ll notice it the next morning or so.

I suggest you guys give this a go sometime, though. No harm in trying, right?


  • Easy to use
  • Makes hair softer, sleeker and shinier
  • Lasts for a few days



  • Makes hair oilier
  • Short-term effect

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase? Yes.

And I have. Quite a few times, actually. Anyways, if you want great looking prom hair without the priciness of a salon (I mean, the dress and accessories were already expensive enough, am I right?), then I suggest using this product. Not just for prom, but for pretty much any occasion. And even if you’re curling your hair rather than leaving it straight, or you have naturally curly hair, this will still make it soft , shiny and less frizzy. Just beware of the possible next-day greasiness.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy your prom! And, even if you’ve already been there and done that or skipped it entirely, why not give your hair a special treat for that special day? It’ll give you a little me time while the oil does its magic, too!


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