Why do you have to be like this, WordPress?



This is how I feel technology sometimes…like right about now, for example.


Sorry for the delay guys, but I’ve been having problems with WordPress lately so, until they get fixed, I won’t be putting out as many posts. I’ll try my best to post reviews and such, but I might not be able to put out a lot at once.

First, I had problems posting and inserting images. Now, I can’t sort things into categories or edit my posts. At all. Not a fun experience.

Anyhow, I just hope things get sorted out soon but, until then, please be patient. I won’t stop posting, but I may have some difficulties which will lead to a decrease in the number of posts.

Thanks for the understanding!

Edit: Good news guys! I can finally edit and sort things into categories again! Unfortunately, I have discovered another problem. Or maybe WordPress’s latest update, who knows. Posts aren’t automatically saved as drafts like they used to. At least, not for me. I found this out the hard way. Oh, WordPress, always keeping me on my toes…


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