[Unboxing] BtoB’s “Thriller”


Very, very late, I know…but I just remembered that I have the pictures and everything, so I might as well post them. This will be super short, and basically just a gist of what you get with the album.

I loved the concept for this song and pretty much every song on the album, so when I saw this in a store I just had to get it. It was a very easy decision. Not so easy on my wallet, but oh well. The life of a K-Pop fan is basically this…get money, buy K-pop, go broke. Repeat.


This was from the same store that I got my Teen Top “Class” album from. They have a couple of locations, but I just got it from the Pacific Mall location.


The album itself is very cool, and very sturdy. Not too complicated or anything. The songs are all listed on the back, mostly in all Korean so you may have to look up an English version of the tracklist. They also have all that legal copyright stuff on the back, but what album doesn’t? It also has a sticker of authenticity, which is always a good thing.


Inside, there’s the photobook and the CD itself. As you can see, the CD matches the album cover, as does the cover of the photobook.


I’m not going to take pictures of every page for you guys, but here’s one I think you’ll like. A group shot, so nobody’s bias should be missing. Plus, they all look good, but I really loved this concept, so I may be biased.


Here’s the picture of the photocard that came with the album. I got the Peniel and, even though he isn’t my bias, I still love this picture of him. Plus, that picture of Minhyuk in the background (My bias) helps.

This album wasn’t wowing in terms of packaging or anything, but that concept was definitely a favourite of mine. Plus, I love every single song on that album, so it was definitely worth it.

Anyways, hope this was a nice dose of K-Pop for you guys. Hope to see you soon!

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