RoseRoseShop Beauty Haul~^-^ (Lots of pictures + Info!)

Hello everyone! I have good news for everyone (Well, maybe I’m the only one who’s excited, actually…): I just received my RoseRoseShop order today! Which means more reviews on the way!

There were a few items that I wanted to get and, after browsing a few other websites, I decided to try ordering from this one. It’s prices weren’t too bad, and there had been good reviews of it online. I wanted to try it out myself. Plus, there were a few items on the site that looked interesting. The sold  a variety samples as well (And even if you buy samples, you can still get free samples with your order!), which is a great way to try products out before buying the full-size product.

A lot of items were on sale when I ordered, which was great, too.

You have to pay for shipping, but you get a tracking number.

It came packaged in a cardboard box tightly sealed with packaging tape, nothing special. It’s functional and that’s all that matters.


Most of the items that I had ordered were bubble-wrapped, with the exception of the pore strips and acne patches (But I doubt those could break in transit). The samples I ordered as well as the samples that were included were all packaged in these nice plastic packagings. I like this way better than when the samples are just placed into the box. Everything was very organized, which was nice.


One thing that’s a little awkward, though, is how you have to ask them for samples. It’s nothing huge, just something that I thought that I’d mention.

Another thing about their site is that their product descriptions are sometimes pretty vague. This can usually be fixed by Googling the item and reading a description from another site, unless it’s an item that few other stores have. In which case, you can choose to just go for it (Like I did for my tint) or skip it and find an item you can find a better description of (You want to know exactly what you’re buying, right?)

Oh, and sometimes their search box is wonky (Read: Doesn’t actually work), which can be frustrating at times. Plus, it will occasionally only let me on the mobile site when I’m on my desktop, in which case I will have to clear all my cookies and refresh.

Technical issues aside, the value and customer service, as well as the variety of products available were pretty good, and enough to make up for the other things.

The customer service was pretty nice. They sent me e-mails regarding my request for samples and were very friendly in general, which is always a good thing. The replies were not always prompt, but they didn’t take too long and they were polite, so I have no complaints about that.

Here are some important dates, just for reference:

Order Placed On: Apr. 03/14

Shipped: Apr. 07/14

Arrived: Apr. 22/14

The order was shipped in 2 business days (There was a weekend in between), which was good. It got here in 11 business days, which is a decent amount of time. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with their shipping, as well.

Here’s a picture of everything I ordered. For only about $45.00 USD, this isn’t bad!


I’ll get a little more specific for you guys:


TonyMoly Hug Me Hair Removal Cream: This was an item that I wanted to try, but couldn’t find on many sites. I was curious about it, and would much rather use something like this than a razor. I rarely need to shave, and don’t have much to shave, so I just wanted to try something like this.


TonyMoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream In Scrub: This was another item that I knew I would buy. It was difficult to find this as well as the hair removal cream on the same site, and I wanted to order everything from one place, which was one of the mains reasons that I chose RoseRoseShop. I have been wanting to try this item for a while now (As mentioned in a previous post I made), so I’m pretty excited to finally have it in my hands.


TonyMoly Peach Antiaging Hand Cream: Another thing I had wanted to try for a while now (Also mentioned in that same post), and I can’t wait to start using it! Plus, I have a thing for both peaches and hand creams, so I have a feeling that I’m going to really like this.


Baviphat I Love Triple 3, Pink: Besides my love for tints, the main reason that I bought this was for the packaging (Just look at that adorable apple packaging!). It was difficult to find this item in other stores, let alone get a better description than the one offered by RoseRoseShop. But the beautiful colour + my piqued curiosity=adding it to my cart.


Holika Holika White Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask Samples (5 pcs*5 mL): After having a difficult deciding which sample to get (I didn’t want to spend that much, plus, if I added anything else, my shipping was going to go up), I finally decided to get this one. This one had a lot of rave reviews, plus the product itself seemed like something that I might buy, if it worked well.


The Saem On The Blackhead Volcanic Sulfer Nose Sheet Set: Needed some new pore strips (Or nose sheets, as The Saem calls them), and these were pretty cheap. Plus they came in a set of 8 for about half the price of 6 Bioré strips, which was just too good to pass up. Hope these work!


TonyMoly Dr. Tony AC Control Spot Patch (3 Pcs): I used up all my Etude House spot patches, and they didn’t have any of those on RoseRoseShop, so I just got these. They came in a set of 3, so I’ll have plenty to try and come to a verdict about. I’ve started to break out (Stupid hormonal acne!), so these came at a great time.


+ 5 Free Samples: Free samples are always, always welcome. Especially when I’ll definitely try and use all of them. I’ve been curious about TheFaceShop Chia Seed creams for a little while now, so I was really pleased when I saw that. The cleansing foam looks pretty interesting, too. And the other 3 will be nice to try, as well. I love getting samples for skincare.

Just noticed that the bulk of my actual order were TonyMoly items…huh.

Anyways…so that is my long, long post about RoseRoseShop and my latest haul! It’ll take some time, but I’ll definitely post reviews of these items for you guys once I’ve used them a bit. I have some other items that are just waiting to be reviewed, so look forward to that. See you soon!


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