[Review] Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara

Hey guys! Been a little busy lately, but don’t worry! I’m back with another review. Enjoy!

Today I’ll be reviewing a product from my favourite luxury brand, Lancôme, the Hypnôse Star Mascara. I received a sample of this a little while ago and thought that I’d review it for you guys. I have it in black, and not the waterproof one.

2013-11-22 17.48.01

It’s apparently a “show-stopping volume mascara” that will give “intense volume at the lash line and sensuous curve from root to tip. Never overdone.” It boasts a “new, exclusive double-sided brush. The flat side of the brush coats lashes with show-stopping volume. Comb through lashes with the round side of the brush for seductive, separating length”. Hmm…how intriguing.

This is usually about $34.00, which is pretty pricey. Lancôme products rarely fail to impress me, though, so I had pretty high expectations for this.

The sample packaging is a simple black tube with gold writing on it. The actual packaging, though, is quite pretty. It’s a slim sort of hourglass shape with silver sparkles coating the bottom half. Definitely goes with the glamorous theme that they seem to be trying to promote with this mascara.


The double-ended brush looks a lot like a regular mascara brush, except it did half a side that was slightly flatter and a side that was slightly rounder. I was curious to see if it would actually be as unique and exclusive as they claimed.

The brush was easy to use, which was good. The flat side of the brush didn’t seem all that different from a regular mascara brush to me. The round side, though, was easier to curl lashes with. And I noticed that it did separate lashes better than a regular mascara brush.

2013-11-22 21.17.41

The actual formula itself was quite nice. Not too goopy, but just right. Despite all the sparkles on the bottle, there was no glitter in the formula. I liked that (Fan of the natural look), but I thought I’d just put that out there for you guys.

One coat gave noticeable volume to lashes, which was nice. My lashes looked both fuller and longer, though it wasn’t a really dramatic change. Enough to enhance your lashes, but not so much that it looks too unnatural. Pretty much a ‘your lashes but better’ sort of look, which I loved.

Now, I don’t usually wear mascara. I really only wear it on special occasions, which is why I don’t really own any mascara aside from samples given to me. I also don’t really like how stiff it makes my lashes look, or how a lot of mascara just ends up creating a clumpy mess on my lashes.

So even though it’s not ‘never overdone’, it’s usually not overdone. Especially if you apply it right.

This mascara, though, was pretty good in that I didn’t experience much of the above with it.

With one coat on, it makes your lashes look fuller and longer, but not too overdone.

With two coats, it makes your lashes look defined, fuller, longer and darker. Very nice, and it looks great for parties and such.

With three coats, though, I start running into problems. If I’m not careful, my lashes will start clumping and sticking together. And that’s definitely not a nice look. If done right, though, you can get a pretty dramatic look. A bit too much for me, though, so two coats is usually the most I use.

This mascara literally stays all day. It’s incredible. Of course, it won’t look as nice as when it was applied, but it still looks pretty darn good. Lashes still look more defined, fuller and longer than usual. It also doesn’t smudge everywhere during the day. It pretty much stays put.

It takes a little more than some water and wiping to remove this mascara. You’ll need to whip out the eye make-up remover to get this stuff off. It doesn’t take too much once you use make-up remover, but just water won’t do it. But that comes with the ‘stays put all day’ territory.

Overall, a great mascara, albeit pricey.


  • Pretty packaging
  • Brush is easy to use
  • Round side curls and separates lashes nicely
  • Formula not too goopy
  • 1-2 coats makes lashes look more defined, fuller and longer
  • Doesn’t smudge
  • Lasts pretty much all day



  • Expensive
  • Flat side pretty much no different from a regular mascara brush
  • Three coats can make lashes clump and stick together

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Would I repurchase? Maybe.

As great as this mascara is, I don’t use mascara much in general. I don’t know if I would be willing to pay over $30.00 for a mascara that I’d probably have to throw out before I use up. Otherwise, though, I would probably buy it. But the price tag on this makes me a little hesitant. I’ll keep this in my back pocket if I ever need a nice mascara, or just start using mascara more in general.


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