[Review] Etude House Black Head Remover Dual Sheet

Okay…so a review of a product that might be familiar to all of you…black head remover sheets!

2014-03-07 20.50.26

This one was a little different from your usual nose sheet, though, and I’ll tell you why a little later in the review.

This set cost me about $5.00, which is pretty pricey, but I decided to go ahead and give it a try anyways. I’ve been on the hunt for a really good blackhead remover sheet, one that will work better than my Bioré ones, so I go ahead and put this into my cart.

This claims to be a “two stage blackhead removal and care system formulated with fruit and herbal extracts.” It has two steps. One is a blackhead remover sheet “formulated with a fruit complex to supply Alpha Hydroxy Acids for mild skin peel exfoliation. The remover sheet draws out pore residues for wipe-off removal.” Step two is a tightening gel sheet, “formulated with fresh herbs to heal and soothe pores. The gel sheet tightens and nourishes pore with cooling sensation.”

An interesting product, for sure. Especially that part about wipe-off removal. And I like how it comes with a tightening gel sheet. The picture also showed a low of whiteheads having been drawn out from the pores, which also made me want to try this.

The packaging for this was pretty basic. You could separate the two steps, which I guess made it easier to open each individually. The first image was a little gross, but I hoped it would actually do that (Draw out the whiteheads, I mean). I’ve never had much luck pulling out whiteheads with strips, for some reason.

In hindsight, I probably should’ve done a little more research on this product. When I first took out the blackhead remover sheet, it was wet, and I was super confused. I wondered if they had maybe gotten switched or something. But then I realized that whatever liquid was in the strip was supposed to draw out the whiteheads and decided to just give it a go.

2014-03-07 20.51.23

I wondered if this would actually be able to do anything. Drawing out the gunk and wiping it off is probably better for your pores than ripping the gunk out, though, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

The fit of the sheet was decent. I kept having it push it back into the sides of my nose because it kept slipping out. Not exactly fun.

I left it on for about 20 minutes before taking it off.

Boy was I disappointed. I literally saw zero difference. I took a cotton swab and wiped down on all sides of my nose, anyways, but didn’t see any improvement at all. Nothing was drawn out of my pores.

2014-03-07 21.40.57

I decided to just use the gel sheet anyways, even though the first didn’t work. A little pore tightening never hurt anyone. As you can see, it’s almost identical to the blackhead remover sheet in terms of size and shape.

The gel sheet was…interesting. It had a gel texture, yes, but it also felt a little sticky. Sort of like those sticky rice cakes. The sheet stuck to itself, actually. As you can see in this picture, the texture was…well, a little odd. But also oddly amusing…

2014-03-07 21.41.19

Anyways, I let this sheet sit on my nose for about 20 minutes. It was stickier, so didn’t slip around like the other one did. There was a cooling sensation, but that was probably because I let this gel sheet sit in the fridge while I was using the blackhead one (Better to close the pores). I could see a slight improvement afterwards, but it was so minor that I wondered if maybe that was just a result of my wishful thinking. You can decide whether or not you believe what I saw.

Overall, this dual sheet was definitely not worth the price I paid for it. Turns out ripping the gunk from your pores is, as of now, still the better way to go.


  • Wipe-off removal probably better for your pores
  • Gel sheet fit well



  • Expensive
  • Blackhead remover sheet slips around
  • Didn’t draw out anything from my pores

Overall rating: 2/10

Would I repurchase? No.

I give it two points for the idea and that oddly amusing gel sheet, but I would definitely not repurchase this. A dollar fifty more and I would have 6 Bioré strips, so no thanks. Too bad, though, because this was a great idea in theory, but it just didn’t really work all that well. Oh well. For that price, it would’ve had to worked miracles for me to consider buying it again. I guess I’ll just have to continue my hunt for the perfect pore strips!


11 thoughts on “[Review] Etude House Black Head Remover Dual Sheet

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  2. Hah… I am so surprised it didnt work for you…
    I always have big problem for my whitehead, yesterday i give a try for this product and is literally the best pore pack i’ve ever used. It is seriously clean my entire side of nose from whiteheads!

    As for me, i washed my face with my cleanser and warm water, and when i clean with cotton bud, i splashed some warm water too.

  3. I’m one of those etude house crazy shoppers and was excited as soon as my eyes fell on this product, I don’t know if it was because I was in an east asian country, but the price was definately much less than $5. Anywsys, I was also very let down this product as it was such a waste of time, and definately unefficient at all.

  4. OMG! Seriously? Should have done a research on this product before I bought it. I’m one of the blackheads remover sheet hunters too. I had terrible blackheads that they’re so deep into my nose pores. Been using Biore for like a year, all it does was removing white bumps. My first etude product was another blakckhead remover sheet which contains the 3 steps.Turned out super disappointing and I even bought 2 of it cause it’s buy 1 free 1. I did not give up for such exp product so I’d tried again for the next week. Same old outcome, all it does was removing white bumps. I went back to etude to check out on the other blackhead remover products. And bought this yellow packet and another called greentea packet. Hope it works. So, have you found any effective blackhead remover sheet so far?

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