[Review] TheFaceShop Lovely Me:ex Angel Skin Makeup Base #1 Green

I hope you’re ready for another review! I’ve been a little busy lately, and will most likely only get busier, but I promise I will deliver reviews when I can!


This week’s review is on a product by TheFaceShop: The Lovely Me:ex Angel Skin Makeup Base.

Oh, Korean cosmetics and their unusually long, somewhat non-sensical names.

Anyways, I have this in green, because the green colour counteracts the red of pimples and such.

The tube that this comes in is oh-so-simple, but incredibly adorable. It seems pretty sturdy, and the cap goes on tightly enough that I don’t think it would fall off. One thing you have to be careful about, though, is that even a little pressure on the tube will cause a LOT of the product to come out. Way more than you need to cover your face, at least. It’s difficult to control how much you get with this tube, which is odd because I’ve never had that problem with other tubes.

I’ve actually wasted some product because of this. It’s not like I can put the product back into the tube.

It has a subtle, sort of foundation-like scent that fades pretty quickly. It was easy to apply, too, which was nice.

I had never owned a makeup base before, so I was curious about how well this one would work. It comes out as a green substance with a viscosity similar to that of my BB cream, maybe a little on the runny side. I was a little freaked out at first because, well…wouldn’t want to tinge my face green, right?

One layer later, my face looks…well, white. Which was not what I was going for, but don’t forget that there’s still one more step! After a nice layer of BB cream, you won’t even notice. In fact, using this along with my BB cream causes any redness on my face to become less noticeable, which is great. In addition to that, it makes my skin tone look more even and the BB cream applies more evenly with this product, which is great.

A little goes a long way with this product. Seriously. A lot will just make you look like a ghost. This tube will probably last twice as long as my tube of BB cream, actually…

It doesn’t do much for the lasting time of the BB cream, which I didn’t expect it to. It may have helped it last a smidge longer, but I can’t be sure about that.

It didn’t cause my acne to worsen or anything, and was not difficult to take off, which is a perk.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this product.


  • Simple yet cute packaging
  • Easy to apply
  • Helps make redness and acne less noticeable under foundation/BB Cream
  • Makes skin tone look more even
  • A little goes a long way


  • Difficult to control amount squeezed out of tube (Can be wasteful)
  • Somewhat runny
  • Too much will make you look like a ghost

Overall rating: 8/10

Would I repurchase? Probably.

I’ve seen a million and two different green makeup bases, and some of the claims on the others are pretty tempting, so I might try them out. I’ll probably re-purchase this at some point, though, since it was a pretty good base, and it was cheap too. A couple of dollars for a good product? I simply can’t refuse an offer like that. Well, I hope you enjoyed this review. See you soon (I hope)!


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