[Review] TheFaceShop Face It Calcium Nail Pack

Another review coming your way! Consider it my apology for being MIA lately, and enjoy!


Today I’ll be reviewing a product that struck me as sort of strange. It’s a pack…for your nails. (Korea really does have everything, don’t they?) I had been painting my nails more than usual (Halloween, Christmas, etc.), and they were becoming pretty weak, so I decided to get this. I was also pretty curious about this, and wanted

to give it a try. Plus, I was tired of my nails breaking.

This pack is basically 10 individual packs, for each of your fingers. As shown in the picture on the packaging, you put them over each finger.

Word of warning…you basically won’t be able to use any of your fingers for about 25 minutes (Hence the lack of pictures…). So open the packaging beforehand…or you’ll have quite a lot of trouble, like I did.

I had a bit of trouble getting them onto the second hand, because each pack was practically dripping liquid. It had a faint scent that was a little like milk, but I couldn’t quite place it. It wasn’t unpleasant, though. Even the liquid was a milky white.

I left these on for about half an hour, sitting around, careful not to touch anything. Every couple of minutes, I’d have to readjust them because these were way too big for my fingers and kept slipping off bit by bit as time went by. Not really convenient, but…nothing I could do about it. I wasn’t about to do one hand at a time.

There was quite a bit of liquid left in the both the packs and the package afterwards, so there was a lot of product. My hands were pretty wet, so I had to wash my hands. My nails looked a little shinier after, but that might’ve just been from the thin layer of liquid left. I applied a layer of the excess liquid to each nail, and each of my toenails, but didn’t have much more use for the rest, so I just threw them out.

The next morning, though, my nails did look and feel healthier. It wasn’t a significant difference, and it only lasted a few days. I also noticed that my nails weren’t breaking as easily, so I guess it did what it said it would.

It was about $5.00 for a pack of these, though, so I can’t really afford to treat my nails every month. I’m a little curious about the other types, but the effect wasn’t significant enough for me to want to try those out. They were decent, and did their job, though, so I don’t really have much to complain about.


  • Unique product
  • Lot of product
  • Nails looked slightly shinier afterwards
  • Nails looked and felt healthier
  • Nails less prone to breakage after


  • Inconvenient
  • Too big
  • Pricey
  • Effect didn’t last very long
  • Didn’t make a significant difference

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Would I repurchase? Probably not.

Not only was it fairly pricey, but the effects were short-lived. If I had money to spare, this might be a nice way to treat my nails, but they were also pretty inconvenient. Not being able to use any of your fingers for about 30 minutes makes the wait pretty boring. If you’re really curious, though, you might want to give them a try. They’re quite an interesting product, and do deliver on their claims. The difference isn’t significant, but you might enjoy trying out something new.


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