[Review] Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hairtherapy Moisture Kick Conditioner

Gosh…the name is such a mouthful. Anyways, a final short review for you guys before I say goodbye for the night…enjoy!


(Sorry for the slightly blurry picture…I must’ve moved the camera during or something…)

I saw this at the salon a while ago and, after my last positive experience with Bonacure products, I decided to give it a try. Especially since my hair had been becoming a little dry and dull. I’ve been using it for almost a year now, so I think it’s definitely ready for a review.

As you can see in the above picture, the product comes in a aqua spray bottle. When mixed, the product is a milky, light blue solution.

So, I basically spray this on my hair after each wash. You have to shake it to mix it before each use, which isn’t a big deal. It smells pretty nice, but not overwhelming. The smell also goes away after a short while. It can be sprayed onto wet or dry hair, though I usually use it on wet hair. It doesn’t weigh down hair at all, though, and is absorbed pretty quickly by dry hair. It also doesn’t leave residue, which is nice.

The first few days, I didn’t really notice much of a difference. After a little more than a week, I noticed that my hair looked much healthier. It looked shinier, felt softer and was overall in better condition. I was pretty happy with it. Even after not using it for a few days, the effects were still present, though faded.

This product left me pretty impressed, and is definitely a product that I’d recommend. It’s a little pricey, but I’d say that it’s worth it. One bottle lasts me about half a year (My hair is usually about halfway down my back, by the way), so you’ll get your money’s worth. It’s a great product that delivers, without any fuss.


  • Pleasant scent
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • Doesn’t weigh down hair
  • Doesn’t leave residue
  • Makes hair look healthier
  • Makes hair shiny and soft
  • Effects last days
  • Product lasts a long time


  • Expensive
  • Takes days before any effect is noticeable

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase? Yes.

The only thing that made my drop the rating was the price, which is an important factor to me. Of course, like I said before, one bottle will last you a pretty long time. And it’s a great hair product, which I really love, so I’ll definitely be buying more after using up this bottle.  Especially during and after the harsh winter months, when this product is a lifesaver of sorts for my hair. If your hair needs some extra care, and you have a little cash to spare, I’d definitely suggest that you go try this out! You can see for yourself the effects.


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