[Review] Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack

When I saw the container for this product, it was so cute that I couldn’t resist buying it. And, after what I believe to be more than enough uses, here’s a review for you guys!


I wanted to try some new masks, and wanted something to keep around for breakouts, so I decided to get a sample of this. The sample came in an adorable, miniature apple shaped container. It was seriously the cutest thing ever, and I’m probably going to wash the container out after I’m done with it and use it to store some of my samples. The container is pretty sturdy as well, and I didn’t have any problems with it.


Anyways, the product itself is coloured like apple flesh…they really went all out. It even smells like apples. The smell is incredible, actually. I can’t get enough of it. It’s not heavy or anything, either…rather, it’s pleasant and just sort of nice.  It smells like fresh apples, and I almost want to eat it…except that that’d be a really bad idea.

So, you’re basically supposed to just put this all over your face before you go to bed. Pretty easy and convenient, which is something I liked. No fuss. It was pretty runny for a mask, but didn’t absorb into the skin right away (It is a mask, after all…). Rather, it was sort of just like a thin, clear (Very yummy smelling) layer on top of my face. It was easy to spread and apply, and wasn’t messy.

The first night, the product on top of the lid was enough to cover my entire face. For a miniature, I got quite a lot of uses out of it. Seriously, you could probably use this every night for about 2 or 3 weeks.

The morning after, though, I noticed zero difference. My pimples were the exact same size and redness, my skin didn’t look or feel any different. I tried it for 3 more nights after, and still nothing. It didn’t even do anything for the tiny, barely noticeable, pimples, let alone the angrier ones.

I stopped using it for about a week, then used it 2 nights in a row. Still nothing.

I used the rest on and off, and never noticed an effect the morning after. This stuff didn’t do anything for my skin.

On the bright side, though, it didn’t do anything bad to my face. Didn’t dry it out, break it out, make my skin oilier…nothing like that. Like I said before…it didn’t seem to be doing anything at all.

So, cute product and nice concept…but it would be nice if it worked. Or at least did something for my face.


  • Cute, sturdy packaging
  • Yummy smell
  • Easy to apply
  • Convenient
  • A lot of product
  • Didn’t break me out or cause my skin to be oilier


  • Didn’t make a difference in size or redness of pimples
  • Didn’t do anything to help skin at all

Overall rating: 2/10

Would I repurchase? No.

This product was cute and everything, but I won’t be getting the full-size version. (Good thing I didn’t buy it to begin with!) This was a fun thing to try once, but I’m not wasting money on a product that literally does nothing for my skin. Instead, I’ll be on the lookout for better sleeping packs. Or at least more effective acne treatments. Keep in mind that I’ve tried a lot of acne products on my skin, so it might’ve developed a resistant of sorts to acne treatments. Who knows, maybe this will do wonders for your skin. Or not. Guess you’ll never know until you try!


3 thoughts on “[Review] Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack

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  2. Ugh, this is perhaps the 4th review I’ve read on this product. The conclusions were all very similar but this was the only review that didn’t give it a 5 just because it smelled great / looks cute. Thanks for focusing on the practicality of the item and not just the aesthetic.

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