[Review] Aveeno Active Naturals Fresh Essentials Hydrating Night Cream

As I said before, I had a list of products just waiting to be reviewed…so here’s another!


I’d used this cream for about a year now, so I definitely think I know what I’m talking about when I say that this cream…well…wasn’t that great.

Being oil-free, non-comedogenic and having some natural ingredients in it, I thought that I’d give this cream a try. I bought it around the end of summer, when I knew my skin was going to start needing some more moisture. In the winter, parts of my face get dry patches, so I wanted to avoid it. It was almost $18.00, which is pretty pricey for a drugstore moisturizer. I liked Aveeno, though, so I decided to get it anyways. I expected a bit more for that price, but, unfortunately, I was disappointed.


The smell of this cream was fairly pleasant, though overwhelming enough that I can imagine somebody who’s sensitive to scents disliking it. It would’ve been better if they toned down the scent a little bit. The feel of this cream, though, was very buttery and smooth. Which was nice, but I worried about it making my skin oily. Since it was oil-free, I decided to give it the benefit of doubt. It always made my skin and hands feel slightly oily after applying, though. Not a good feeling.

The cream takes a pretty long time to settle into the skin, but it’s a night cream, so I suppose it’s because it’s thicker than a regular moisturizer.

The moisturizing power of this night cream was decent. It kept my skin from getting those annoying dry patches, but didn’t really do much beyond that. Didn’t make my skin soft, or look or feel any different. So I wasn’t very impressed, since it seemed to only be moisturizing my skin just enough for me not to want to stop using it or think it useless.

It claimed to help the skin defend against everyday elements and have anti-oxidants and whatnot to help the skin, but I honestly didn’t notice that much of a difference with my skin. My skin didn’t get really dry, but it didn’t feel all that much more moisturized, either. This might work better as a summertime moisturizer for someone with dry skin.

This cream made my skin really oily every morning, though. Seriously, I would wake up to a face full of shine. Sometimes, in the middle of night, I would be able to tell that my skin was already pretty oily. So…not all that great. I definitely didn’t like that.

Another thing that I didn’t really like about this cream was the container. There were always baby hairs and things like that ending up in the jar, which was a little off-putting. I seriously had to scrape that out of the jar every few weeks.

It didn’t break me out or anything, so I just kept using it. In the summer, it wasn’t all that great, though, so I finally decided to switch it out after finishing my second jar. I decided that I would just go out and look for another one.

Overall, this product wasn’t terrible, but it’s not one I’d recommend, either. Especially not for that price.


  • Buttery feel
  • Kept my skin from becoming dry
  • Didn’t break me out


  • Pricey
  • Unhygienic packaging
  • Takes a while for skin to absorb
  • Didn’t moisturize skin much
  • Makes skin oily

Overall rating: 6/10

Would I repurchase? No.

I was pretty lukewarm towards this cream. Sure, it kept my skin from going dry, but…it didn’t impress me at all. Well, it’ll save me some money in the long run, seeing as it was pretty pricey it was. Perhaps some of you guys will have more luck with it, but I’m going to try my luck with another. It’s summer in a few months now, so I need a lighter night cream, anyways.


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