[Mini-Tutorial] Evolving Everyday Make-up!


Hi, guys! I review a lot of these products, but I decided to include a nice post showing how I actually put these products to use. If you’ve read enough of my reviews, you’ll know that I’m the type of girl who likes natural make-up. I also like easy and fast make-up, seeing as I’m pretty lazy. In this post, I’ll just give short little sort of tutorials about going from really easy 5 minute everyday make-up to adding products that will create a look great for special occasions. It’s my first time doing this kind of thing, so please be patient and I’ll try my best!

5-Minute Everyday:

Basically my everyday make-up using: Yves Rocher Concealer, lip tint of choice, Innisfree Mineral Powder, TheFaceShop Dessert Lip Balm

*Apply concealer

*Apply mineral powder to t-zone

*Apply lip tint

*Apply TheFaceShop Dessert Lipbalm: This gives a look similar to lipgloss, but not quite as shiny, which I like.

Under 10 Minute Make-up:

Basically for occasions that are a little more special (Ex: ‘Nice’ dinner with extended family) or just for those days when you want to cover up more. This is the look that makes you look better, but in a way where people can’t put their finger on why you look nicer. I’ve had compliments like: “Wow, you look great today!” but nobody can ever seem to quite put their finger on why. Uses the same products as listed above, with the addition of: TheFaceShop Make-Up Base, BB Cream

*Apply make-up base by rubbing it between palms and then patting all over face

*Apply BB cream in the same way: I find that this gives the most natural look, and is the fastest way of applying make-up.

*Do 5-Minute Make-up

15 Minute Special Occasion:

For special occasions, dates, performances, recitals…still looks nice and not too overdone, which is why I like it. Uses products mentioned above with the addition of: Neutral eyeshadow, black pencil eye liner, blush, lipstick, EOS lip balm, sparkly silver eyeshadow (optional)

*Do 10-Minute Make-up, using less lip tint and without TheFaceShop lip balm

*Apply eyeshadow on eyelids

*Tight line lashline

*Line bottom lash line with a little sparkly silver eyeshadow: I do this sometimes, and it looks nice. Makes my eyes look a little bigger, too. Be careful with this, though. Add too much and you’ll risk looking like a disco ball.

*Brush a little bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks

*Apply lip balm: I find that applying lip balm under lipstick makes it last a little longer.

*Apply lipstick: I use a little bit of tint that matches the lipstick so that, even when the lipstick fades, there’s still a hint of colour.

And…that’s it. Feel free to go bold on the eyeshadow or whatever, but I’m the type of person who likes looking natural. I don’t really do bold. I like the neutral colours…I guess that’s just me.

This was a pretty short post, but I just wanted to share some ways I use my make-up. A lot of us are really busy these days, so quick yet nice looking make-up is a lifesaver of sorts. Well…enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for stopping by!


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