[Review] Baviphat Fruits Jelly Tint

Another lip product review…I loved the Saemmul tint so much that I decided to go ahead and try another one! A jelly tint seemed pretty interesting, and this was only $2.50, so I decided to get it.


I got this tint in red, since I already had a pink one and the cherry seemed too orange to me.

This tint is pretty small…4g, and the bottle is about half he size of my pinkie. The bottle is nice and simple, though, and convenient, so I like it enough.

This doesn’t really smell like anything. I’m not quite sure where the name ‘Fruits’ Jelly Tint comes form…because it doesn’t seem relevant to fruits in any way to me. Oh well.

The texture is not quite how I expected. It’s not really like jelly…it’s sort of like a thicker liquid tint. I’ve provided a swatch of it on my arm below. It’s not quite a dark a red as it is in the bottle, but I actually like this sort of bright red. I’m not all that into the deep red lip colours. Too daring for me, I suppose…


The applicator is just a regular doe foot applicator, which is perfectly fine with me. I think I’d prefer these over those plastic ones. Of course, you still have to use your finger to blend the tint into your lips, but there’s not much that can be done about that, now is there?


A little goes a long way with this tint. About 3 small dots of this tint is enough to create a nice, natural looking colour on my lips. I can imagine that double that amount would give you a nice red, though still not quite as red as the swatch above. So I guess it’s not quite as pigmented as I would expect a red like this to be.

One thing you should probably know about this tint is how fast that it dries. You have to work quickly with this tint. I didn’t work quickly enough and ended up with a red dot on my lips once. It also settles into lines and cracks…which will make it look like you cut your lip.

I do like using this tint on my inner lips to create a nice, natural looking gradient lip, though. If my lips are exfoliated enough, that is. I want a just bitten look…nice a just cut lip look.

The lasting time on this tint is pretty good, though. Even after about 8 hours, I could still see a hint of this tint. It faded, of course, but that’s still pretty good! Actually, if I apply an extra layer of this tint on my inner lips, I can still see that layer even at the end of the day.

Overall, this tint was pretty good for its price.


  • Cheap
  • Virtually scentless
  • Easy to use applicator
  • Little goes a long way
  • Good to create a gradient lip
  • Lasts a long time


  • Small amount
  • More a thick liquid than a jelly texture
  • Not that pigmented
  • Need to work quickly (Dries really fast)
  • Settles into cracks and lines

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Would I repurchase? Maybe.

There are still quite a lot of tints that I’m curious about, so I’ll probably try some of those before deciding on which ones are my favourites. This tint wasn’t bad, and has a nice price tag, but I’m hoping to find something a little better. Maybe one that’s more pigmented or that doesn’t settle into cracks in my lips. I’d actually like a nice red tint, the same colour as the swatch above, to wear on special occasions. Or just to have one on hand that I can wear whenever I want to…I guess we’ll see how other tints fare.


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