GOT7 “Girls Girls Girls” Debut MV


So, I was pretty excited for this group for 3 reasons:

1) JJ Project was in it (I loved JB since Dream High 2)
2) Their teasers were really cool

3) Mark’s teaser (The guy with the reddish hair) was pretty intriguing…he was good looking, and his teaser was…well…kind of awesome


Seriously…how many guys that you know can do that?

I hadn’t had time to watch the MV until just now, and I have to say that the song is pretty catchy (Even though it’s a tad narcissistic for my taste) and these boys definitely have talent.

The concept of the video was pretty cool, even though that nameless girl in the beginning seemed useless once the song started. By the end, I wasn’t quite sure she was necessary at all if they were just going to kind of forget about her later.

The dance was also pretty cool and I liked the concept. The video wasn’t overly flashy, but still showcased their talent, which I liked.

I also really liked Mark. I liked the sound of his voice (OMG~<3) and his dancing. JB looked really good too.

Actually, let’s just make this easy for everyone: Everyone looked really good in that MV.

I’m anticipating more from this group…there have been so many groups debuting that I’ve hardly been able to keep track of them (I’ve actually stopped trying to), and this group’s stood out to me. I guess time will tell!

If you haven’t seen the MV yet, you can watch it here.

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