Me and My K-Pop~

Hello, everyone! This is one of those occasional posts that aren’t reviews or fangirling about K-Pop or unboxing videos…just me chattering, I guess. I’ve added a few pictures…just for the sake of sharing some more K-Pop love. Feel free to keep reading, or you can just go and find whatever review you were looking for!


I haven’t done many K-Pop related posts yet (I plan to, though, so don’t you worry about that!), I thought that maybe I should share a few of my Top 5s with you:

Top 5 Favourite Male Groups:


1) DBSK: I loved loved loved them as 5. Of course I’m sad that they’ve split, but I’ll continue to support the two groups! My favourite song by them is “Why Did I Fall In Love With You”…gets me every single time!

2) SHINee: Catchy songs, great dances and, of course, good looking guys! Need I say more? I can’t really decide on a favourite song, but I’ll say it’d most likely be “Replay” (Love this dance, too! The magic dance!).

3) Big Bang: All their members are so talented, and they’re such a great group! Their concepts are pretty much always interesting, and it seems as if they’re always bringing something new into their music. Not to mention that they’re a nice change from the typical SM artists which I seem to love so much. I can say with complete confidence that “Haru Haru” is, and always will be, my favourite Big Bang song. I still tear up whenever I watch the MV…

4) EXO: They’re a relatively new group, but they’ve definitely made themselves known in a such short amount of time! They’re a group with unique members who all work well together, and songs and dances that I never seem to get tired of. Not to mention all of the adorable, sexy and cool (And, yes, sometimes downright weird) quirks of the 12 members. I can’t decide on a favourite song…either “Angel”, “Don’t Go” or “Miracles In December”…?

5) Super Junior: Yes, they were knocked down a peg by EXO (I’m sorry to all of the E.L.Fs out there!), but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them! They’re an incredible group and, somehow, even though they’ve matured, they’re still as cute as ever. Their music just seems to keep getting better and better, though! I do, and always will, love “It’s You”. It’s such a beautiful, meaningful (Not to mention, catchy!) song.

My Top 5 Favourite Female Groups:


1) SNSD: As you can see, I’m a pretty big fan of SM…anyways, I love how this group can go from cute to pretty to sexy and then right back to cute. They’re such a versatile and talented group that I can’t help but love them! “Time Machine” or “The Boys”…can’t decide which is my favourite.

2) 2NE1: They’re pretty, fierce, sexy and amazingly, incredibly talented. They’re a refreshing change from other girl groups and I can’t help but feel all “Yes, girl power for the win!” after pretty much every one of their music videos. They were a memorable group for me since the first time I saw that crazy, unforgettable video for “Can’t Nobody”. “Lonely”, though, is definitely my favourite 2NE1 song.

3) 4Minute: (You were totally expecting f(x), weren’t you?) Definitely a big change from SM girl groups, but their songs are seriously catchy. Like, insanely, “Help, this song has been stuck in my head for 3 days and I’m itching to learn the dance but I’m too freaking busy for that” catchy. “I, My, Me Mine” or “Volume Up”…you decide for me which is best.

4) KARA: Okay, their dances are super fun to do. Plus, their songs always seem to be a hit with me. Shame that their members seem to be leaving one by one, but I’ll always be their fan! I think my favourite song by them would either be “Step” or “Damaged Lady”. Not only were both songs catchy, but both dances are great, as well!

5) Secret: This was caused by “Shy Boy”, the song that I can’t seem to get out of my head with the dance I can’t stop wanting to do. Enough said. You can probably guess what my favourite Secret song is.

My Top 5 Male Biases:


1) Kim Jaejoong from DBSK/JYJ: His voice, dancing, looks, smile…why is he so perfect? If you don’t believe me about that, though, watch/listen to “It’s Only My World” (That long note!), “All Alone” (My favourite Jaejoong solo~) or “Wrong Number” (He should consider rapping more. His voice is so addictive! Plus, the suits and that dance…enough said). Don’t even get me started…because you’ll never hear the end of it. Let’s just leave it at: “How is it possible for there to be such a freaking perfect human being?”

2) Kim Jonghyun from SHINee: This is one incredible singing voice that I will never, ever get tired of. Or forget, for that matter. He can be sexy, sure, but then he can do a total 180 and be so adorable you’ll just want to give him a hug (Or go and be a dinosaur with him). His smile is captivating and, in short, he is just absolutely amazing. For a good dose of Jonghyun, I suggest listening to “Hot Times” (Those long notes…!), “So Goodbye” (Such a sad, yet beautiful song…and his voice is so powerful in it!) or his cover of “As Long As You Love Me” (Or any of his covers, really).

3) U-Know Yunho from DBSK/TVXQ!: I love the sound of his voice. I just do. And his dancing is so breathtaking…and I don’t think even that’s an adequate description of it. Add his good looks and charming smile, and the result is one unforgettable, fangirl shriek worthy idol. His rap in “Wrong Number” is probably one of my absolute favourites. Either that or the one in “Mirotic”. His voice, though…no words, just no words.

4) G-Dragon from Big Bang: Utterly incredible. There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how much this guy can do, and how well. I’ll just list a few of my favourite things about GD: His rapping, voice, composing, piano playing, dancing and work ethic. Add in hair and clothes so…unique, that they should be unforgettable, but are changed so often that most of the time they are, and you’ve got G-Dragon. “Butterfly” or “That XX”…can’t get enough of those two songs.

5) Luhan from EXO(-M): This guy totally ruined my bias list. Seriously. I feel like, sometimes, he even surpasses good old GD. But how can I resist that amazing, soothing and beautiful voice? Or that heart stopping dancing of his? Or, maybe most irresistible of all, the absolute adorableness and sweet smile of this “manly” idol. Actually, out of all my biases, he may have one of the most infectious laughs. I just can’t get enough of watching that teaser he dances in with Kai, or listening to his voice in “Miracles in December”, “Angel”, “Don’t Go” or “My Turn To Cry”. It’s just so…just go listen to it.

My Top 5 Female Biases:


1) Yuri from Girls’ Generation: (Be honest now: Were you expecting Jessica, Taeyeon or Yoona?) She may not have many lines in a lot of songs (Unfortunately), but her dancing is actually amazing. Plus, she probably made the biggest impact on me because, strangely enough, she was the first member I recognized from the group. Seriously. (Don’t know exactly how that happened, but it did) She is incredibly cool and just seems to exude sexiness and charisma. If you don’t believe me about that, just watch her in “The Boys”. Seriously…she’s good.

2) Park Bom from 2NE1: Okay, this girl has got one heck of a voice. Loved it from the very first moment I heard it, and I didn’t even know that it belonged to her at the time! (Well, I knew it belonged to one of the members…just didn’t know who) Plus, she has this open, pretty face and a really nice, infectious smile to boot! I love her songs “Don’t Cry” and “You and I”.

3) CL from 2NE1: She’s unique in a way that no other female idol seems to be. She so confident that it’s amazing, and her music is great (Read: Catchy. I literally could not get “The Baddest Female” out of my head for a week after I first heard it). Her rapping’s amazing and she’s the type of girl who everyone’s eyes are drawn to the minute she enters a room. That girl. One listen to “The Baddest Female” and you’ll see all of the above in just 4 minutes and 3 seconds. Then you won’t be able to stop seeing it.

4) Suzy from Miss A: I really liked her in “Dream High” (I had listened to a few Miss A songs before then, but never really recognized any of the members) and then, when I realized she also sang, I was curious. I listened specifically to her voice in some songs and found myself loving it! Not only can she sing, but she’s got looks and a smile that’ll capture any audience! Her rendition of “Genie” is “Dream High” is also really nice to watch.

5) G.Na: Go Canada! I heard one of her songs, and thought that she was a great singer. I also noticed her perfect English, and I was curious, so I did a little digging for more information (Read: I looked her up on Wikipedia). I then found out that she was born in Canada, and we all know how rare Canadian K-Pop singers are. And she’s great, so I was definitely proud. “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better” (Featuring a very handsome Junhyung with a very nice, unique voice) is a favourite of mine.

I should probably stop before I get TOO carried away. Now that you know a little more about me…well, you know a bit more about me. And maybe even understand more than half of what I was saying (I’m hoping that there will be at least one person who will go “Yes! I totally get that!”). Or not. Either way, thanks for coming and I hope that I’ll be able to give you more posts in the future, that have less of my randomness in it. See you soon!


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