Samples and Reviews to Come!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! I thought I’d just make a short post to sort of keep everyone updated. I’ve gotten a few new products, and samples, that I’m looking forward to trying. Of course, it’ll take me a while to try everything and get all the reviews up, but here are some reviews you […]

[Review] TheFaceShop Mini Capsule Pack (Wash-Off)

Today I’ll be reviewing my first Korean wash-off pack…let’s start! This seaweed wash-off pack by TheFaceShop claims to have “sebum powder for clean skin, seaweed complex give clear skin and creamy texture”. The English might not have been great, but at least it got the message across…mostly. As you can see, there’s nothing special about […]

15 Products I Want To Try This Year

Okay…I’ve been trying to control how much I spend lately, especially after Christmas. I already have quite a few products in my stash that I’ve yet to try. When I can afford it, though, I want to try out some other products that I’ve been eyeing for a while now. In fact, I’m hoping that […]

GOT7 “Girls Girls Girls” Debut MV

So, I was pretty excited for this group for 3 reasons: 1) JJ Project was in it (I loved JB since Dream High 2) 2) Their teasers were really cool 3) Mark’s teaser (The guy with the reddish hair) was pretty intriguing…he was good looking, and his teaser was…well…kind of awesome Seriously…how many guys that […]

Me and My K-Pop~

Hello, everyone! This is one of those occasional posts that aren’t reviews or fangirling about K-Pop or unboxing videos…just me chattering, I guess. I’ve added a few pictures…just for the sake of sharing some more K-Pop love. Feel free to keep reading, or you can just go and find whatever review you were looking for! […]

[Review] Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear

Hi guys! Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done a nail polish review, so I thought that I’d just pop one in here…enjoy! The colour I have is “Marine Scene” (32), which is a lovely shade of deep sea blue with a sparkly, sort of pearlescent finish. I thought that it was a […]

[Review] Lancôme Blush Subtil

A blush review…the first one I’ve done, I’m pretty sure. I have this blush in the colour Aplum, a very wearable and pretty pink. This is described as being a “delicate, oil-free powder blush”. Anything oil-free is definitely a plus for me. It’s a pretty delicate looking pink, too, which I guess is appropriate. In […]