[Review] Tonymoly Egg Pore Nose Pack

Another pore pack review! This came as a free sample from my Cosmetic-Love purchase. I’d heard mixed reviews about this, so I was pretty curious to try it out for myself.


According to the description on the package, this is an “effective pore strip that clears out blackheads and impurities with egg & camellia ingredient”.

The package is actually pretty cute, with the whole egg colour scheme going on and the adorable little bird on the front of the package.

The little picture of a blackhead being pulled out of a pore on the top of the package made me a little more hopeful about the effectiveness of this pore strip. Probably the whole point of it being there.

This was shaped like a regular pore strip, and fit okay. It adhered pretty well and smelt kind of like herbal medicine. It wasn’t unpleasant for me, but I can see how it might be for some people.

I hadn’t used a pore strip for a while, so I felt that my pores were pretty clogged. Plus, the growing number of blackheads on my nose were really starting to get to me. So, I pulled out this pore strip in hopes of amending that.

I used this right after my shower, because the steam would’ve opened up my pores a little. I’d hoped that this would make the strip more effective. I ended up leaving this on for a little over 20 minutes (I was reading and ended up kind of forgetting about it…).

As usual, I anticipated pulling this off and seeing the blackheads I pulled out. As with all pore strips, there’s this kind of sick satisfaction that comes with seeing the amount of gunk that’s been pulled out of your nose.

This pore strip came off free of pain, but that’s where the good news stops.

This pore strip seriously disappointed me.

There were only a few blackheads that were pulled from the front of my nose and my cheeks. Seriously, that was it. The rest of the pore strip was clear of anything, save for a few tiny hairs.

It also left behind some residue on my nose, as with pretty much all of the pore strips that I’ve tried to date.

Honestly, I may not have much experience with pore strips, but I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that this has been the worst pore strip that I’ve ever tried. It made almost no difference.

I’m just glad that I didn’t have to pay for it, I guess.


  • Cute packaging
  • Pain-free removal


  • Weird smell (Might be a con for some, even though I didn’t mind it all that much)
  • Removed very little from my pores (i.e. pretty ineffective)
  • Left behind some residue

Overall rating: 2/10

Would I repurchase? No.

Fortunately, this was a sample (Read: It was free, therefore I didn’t waste any money buying it!), but I will definitely not be purchasing this. If I get another sample of it, I’ll use it, but won’t expect much from it. This was definitely not an “effective pore strip that clears out blackheads and impurities”. In short: This is a totally ineffective pore strip that I would never waste money on. I don’t think I’d even want another sample of this, and I REALLY love free stuff. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even try the other products from this line, unless I get a sample of something else from it that works.

I’m not telling you not to buy it. Who knows, it might work for you! I’m just saying not to expect a miracle from this product.


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