[Review] Lush Gorilla Perfume (Solid)

My second Lush product…I swear, I am totally getting sucked into this brand.

Anyways, I don’t usually wear perfume because I’m pretty sensitive to them and strong fragrances give me headaches. This was actually one of the reasons I didn’t really shop at Lush in the first place. Anyways, I went there to buy a gift for my Lush junkie friend when I saw their little display of perfume. The same friend that I was shopping for had actually once recommended their perfumes to me, insisting that I’d love them. I’d like to smell nice, but in a subtle way, and she thought that their solid perfumes would be perfect for me.


I ended up getting a solid perfume in the scent Vanillary.

As with all their products, this is handmade with natural ingredients. The one I got had an expiry date about 1 month after my purchase. The expiry date ends up fading after about a week, though, so you’d do well to remember it. I’m sure it’d be fine even if you used it a week after the expiry date, though. Not like you’re eating it or anything, right?

Lush Solid Perfume

I sniffed this perfume at the store and kept coming back to it, so I decided to get it. It was a little bit strong up close, but smelt clearly like vanilla. It was also the perfect size to carry around in your purse or whatever, but it did cost about $11.00. I seriously hoped that this was an impulse buy that I would not regret.

When first applied, the scent was a little strong but still nice. To me, it’s a perfect winter scent. Something a little spicy and warm just in time for the holidays. It’s easy to apply and comes with quite a lot of product. The one thing I don’t really like the the fact that you have to push up the perfume from the bottom. The problem with that is that the only way I can push it down is with my finger. This perfume has a twist cap, though, which means there’ll be practically no chance of the lid coming off of your perfume. Good thing, too, because this is too pricey to risk that!

The perfume itself definitely looks like it’s made of vanilla. It’s vanilla coloured, with black specks in it…sort of like vanilla ice cream.

Lush Vanillary Gorilla Perfume

This goes on translucent and is really easy to use. Just rub the perfume wherever you want it and just go!

I use this on my wrists, behind my ears, and on my neck. You would be able to get a subtle hint of it if you were within touching distance when first applied. This is pretty good for me, though, since I didn’t want it to be all that strong anyways.

Now…I have good news and bad news.

The good news: After about 1 or 2 hours, the scent morphs into this lovely, warm vanilla scent that I absolutely can’t get enough of. I seriously couldn’t stop sniffing my wrists after discovering this. I just can’t get enough of this amazing vanilla scent.

The bad news: By then, you’d practically have to press your nose against my wrist to smell it at all. So you’d have to re-apply this perfume pretty often. (Good thing it’s so convenient!) The scent still lingers, even at the end of the day, but hardly noticeable even if you shove your wrist up to someone’s face.

So, my first solid perfume…it was a decent experience, I guess.


  • Smells great (Perfect for winter)
  • Convenient
  • Secure twist cap
  • Easy to use
  • Handmade from fresh ingredients
  • Smells amazing the longer you wear it
  • Subtle


  • Pricey
  • Have to push stick down with fingers
  • Fades quickly

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Would I repurchase? Maybe.

They had some other great scents, and there were some interesting ones online (Though I can’t tell if I’d like it or not unless I sniffed it myself…oh, the dangers that come with ordering online), but I’m not quite sure if I’d buy their solid perfumes again. It’s kind of pricey and doesn’t last long, even though it smells great. Perhaps their liquid ones would last longer, but they cost even more…I guess we’ll see.


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