[Review] Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick

A product that I got from my recent combined haul…let’s start the review!


I was attracted to this product mostly because of its packaging. The candy cane shape was absolutely adorable, and I thought that it would be totally perfect for the holidays. I got this in lemon because I was curious as to whether it would actually turn pink on my lips. Out the three pictures shown on the site, it was also the one that I liked most. It was $4.88 plus shipping, which is a pretty decent price.


The product is about two thirds the height of an average pen with the cap on, which makes it super easy to carry around. There is also a surprisingly large amount of product in such a small tube, which impressed me. The packaging itself was also pretty sturdy. It didn’t seem easy to break and the cap was secure and I’m confident that it won’t randomly slip off. It’s easy to twist up from the bottom and doesn’t get stuck, either.

The balm itself smells faintly of lemon, but nothing too strong. It’s fresh, subtle and very pleasant. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t leave chunks, settle into cracks…all that kind of bad stuff. It applies like a dream.

It was amazing how, when applied, the lemony colour of the balm actually left a natural, subtle looking pink tint. It was very wearable and I thought that the shade was perfect for a natural look. It isn’t a super pigmented pink, but it is somewhat buildable.

The balm itself wasn’t sticky or heavy, which was great. Applying this on smooth lips is ideal, but this is fine even on chapped lips. This balm isn’t particularly moisturizing, but it isn’t drying either.

The lasting time was also pretty good. I went about 3 or 4 hours, with regular eating and drinking, before I had to reapply. And, even then, a slight pink tint was still present. Plus, my lips didn’t look chapped or dry at all.

This balm worked great for me, and I will definitely be using it throughout this holiday season!


  • Cute yet sturdy packaging
  • Small enough to easily carry around
  • Subtle but pleasant scent
  • Glides on well
  • Subtle, natural pink tint (Very wearable)
  • Buildable
  • Not sticky or heavy
  • Not drying
  • Good wear time


  • Not very pigmented
  • Not moisturizing

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase this? Yes.

I will most likely buy a replacement for this once it’s used up, but I would also like to try one of the other colours. Perhaps orange, since I’ve never had any kind of lip product in orange of any kind. The subtle, natural tint also makes me sure that you simply can’t go wrong with this balm. This is perfect for the holiday season and I simply can’t over the adorable packaging. After the whole red wine mask incident, I was a little skeptical about Etude House items, but this has totally restored my confidence in the brand.


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