Holiday Gift Guide 2013~

It’s that time of year again…when the malls are incredibly crowded, the lines excruciatingly long and when we’re all running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get the perfect gift for everyone, from that friend who says you can get her anything to that special someone. None of us want to end up giving those gifts where they say, “Oh…thanks! I love it.” but then we never see it or hear mention of it again (We’ve all given some and received some, I’m sure…yeah, you know what I’m talking about).

There are always generic gifts like boxes of chocolate, gift cards and just plain cash (Or *gasp* those pre-wrapped gifts from Wal-Mart…), but sometimes we want to get something a little more special. So…from my many years of panicking over the perfect gift to get someone (I’ve once been so desperate, I simply got socks for half the people on my list…hey, I’m sure they wore them at some point or another…), I think I’ve come up with a decent list of easy to give gifts. Almost all the items are from stores that I’m sure are in the area, and anything online I’ve included has free shipping (Yay!). (Note: The following products are ones that I’m actually getting people, tried myself or have at least personally seen before.)

1) The Body Shop gift sets


These little gift cubes are cute, and will make a great gift for most anyone! They’re useful, smell nice and the price is really good. It’s only $12.00 for two boxes (Or $9.00 for one), and it’ll save you some wrapping, too! They’re already packaged so festively. They have lots of gift sets to choose from, but these have got to be my favourite. Another great gift would be their set of 5 lip balms, packaged nicely into a lollipop shape! You can also cheat a little and buy sets, then give individual pieces to different people or use them as stocking stuffers. Shh…it’ll be our little secret 😉 (P.S: With the amazing sales going on around this time of year, you might even be able to pick up a bunch of full-size items for a fraction of the price!)

2) Lush’s Christmas Lip Products


I just tried Santa’s Lip Scrub, and am absolutely in love with it. This is definitely a treat for the lips, and the edible hearts on the top are simply adorable! Not only does it make lips soft, but it tastes great, as well! If they love cola (Especially cherry cola!), they’ll love this. There’s also the Santa Baby lip tint, which is a gorgeous shade of red and would go great with the scrub. You can get these two along with a box of their Toothy Tabs in their Christmas Kisses set for $22.95. The lip shaped box isn’t festive, but it’s definitely something that will be remembered!

3) Lush’s Gorilla Perfumes


I’ve recently discovered that many of the Lush perfumes smell heavenly! I’m not one for perfume, but even I think that a lot of their perfume smells nice. You can get trial size bottles for $3.00 or bigger bottles for more. Honestly, there are so many scents available from fruity to citrusy to woodsy that there’s got to be something for every scent lover out there, guy or girl. (Note: There are scents that are online exclusives, which is where I got the picture above, but please be aware that there ARE shipping costs…and it’s difficult to be sure of how a perfume smells simply from a description.)

4) Innisfree’s Holiday Collections


I honestly love Innisfree. One of my favourite brands ever! And, specially for the holiday season, they offer gift sets with festive designs on their products. Nail polish, eye liner, hand cream, lipstick, moisturizer…don’t tell me that there’s not even one product listed that a certain beauty you know would want. Available on twofacemall, these are convenient and make great gifts! Not to mention that the packaging and designs will get anyone into a festive mood. (Sorry for the tiny picture…I just got it straight from twofacemall’s site)

5) Balea Masks


Every mom, aunt, grandmother…heck, every woman needs some pampering every now and then. Why not treat them to a facial night (Read: A half hour or so to themselves)? At only $5.00 for three, or $1.99 each, you can get one for every woman on your list. Why not get one each for you and your mom, and have an evening of pampering, just the two of you? A great excuse for some mother-daughter time, I’m sure that she’ll appreciate this. Or maybe you and a group of friends can get together for a pre-holiday party pampering session? And, with such a huge selection of masks (From face masks for virtually every type of skin to hair masks to foot masks), there’s bound to be something for everyone! And, if you’re wondering where to get them, I’ve seen them at major chain drugstores like Shoppers Drug Mart. Now, as for how effective they are…I’m not quite sure, to be honest. I’ve yet to try them (I have a mountain of sheet masks that are still untouched), but how can one argue with an evening of pampering? (Bonus: With some of these masks, such as the mud ones, you can get more than one use out of the packet. 2 or even 3 evenings of pampering for $1.99? A real steal.)

6) Cookie Cutter Ornaments


These are the perfect finishing touches on gift bags and presents for any baker on your list. Actually, you can probably turn this into a present for almost anyone! It’s simple, really, but looks great! Just take any cookie cutter and loop a piece of ribbon through it (Thick, baby blue satin ribbon looks great on silver cookie cutters, or maybe colours that match the wrapping would work too), then tie the ends together. Voilà! If you want to get a little craftier and make things a little more personal, trace the shape of the cookie cutter over a photo, cut it out, and glue it onto the back of the cookie cutter. Or maybe wrap ribbon around it…perhaps paint it? The possibilities are endless. It’s something small, and oh so cheap, but it’s the icing on the cake (See what I did there? Bakers…icing on the cake…oh, forget it).

7) American Eagle Leather Bracelets


Guys are SO hard to shop for (Ugh…), but hopefully this is something you can get at least one guy on your list. These leather bracelets look good on most guys (It’s hard to go wrong with something that goes on your wrist…) and there’s a huge variety! (As you can see from the picture above, taken straight from the American Eagle site. Look! There’s even a dog tag necklace! Lots of guys look good with those.) AE also has a lot of sales around this time of year, so you may just score a great deal. And, if this doesn’t fit ANY of the guys on your list, they also have a lot of pretty bracelets for girls. Maybe some girls you know will like some of the guys’ bracelets! (It was a good try though, right?)

8) The Bro Code


I’m pretty sure most people have heard of “How I Met Your Mother”. Well, here’s a book by one of the main actors from that show (Apparently, there’s even a site for this…it’s where I got the picture, actually). It’s great for fans of the show, and will probably provide a good laugh to most guys who don’t (I’ve read a few pages…I’m almost sure there’s some jokes I don’t get, but the ones that I do are pretty funny). The description of the book apparently begins with “The Bro Code is a living document, like The Constitution.” Oookay…again…not going to try to understand. I’m not sure if it’s actually a guy handbook or whatever (I’m not an expert on guys…I barely understand them half the time, and I’m not going to try to), but it’s certainly entertaining. Perfect for any literate guys with a sense of humour (No, I’m not being sarcastic…seriously). As long as he doesn’t mind dirty jokes (There were quite a few in the few pages I read…and I’m almost sure that the book is chock full of them), that is. So no getting this for your 10 year old baby cousin (Sure, he may be mature enough, but will his parents really appreciate you getting him that?).

9) Monopoly (…or any other board game, really)


Something that you CAN get your 10 year old baby cousin (That mom will actually appreciate)! Actually, classic board games work for most…well…anyone, really. I LOVE board games, and they’re a great way to get the family together (Game night, anyone?). It provides hours of fun, and you’re never too old for a good board game. There are also probably, very literally, millions of board games out there. There HAS to be something for at least one person on your list.

10) Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick


I haven’t done a review or anything yet on these, but I’m loving mine so far (I have this in lemon)! They’re shaped like adorable little candy canes, which is perfect for the holidays. There are three ‘flavours’ to choose from, and I think they all look great! As you can see from the above picture, they’re all very wearable colours. (Of course, strawberry would be the most appropriate one for Christmas, I guess, because it’s the closest to red…you don’t see many yellow or orange candy canes). The cheapest one that I can find is on twofacemall for $6.25. Anyways, not only are they cute, but they’re a great tinted balm! These would be a delight to receive on Christmas, and I’m sure that someone on your list would think so, too!

11) Earbuds or Headphones


If they listen to music, you can get them this. If they already have a pair, you can still get them this (Admit it, we’ve all had to trash at least one pair of earbuds/headphones in the past). Something that’s always good to have on hand, and easy to give! I’ve actually used the pair pictured above, and they’re pretty good for the sale price you can get them at. From as low as $12.99 (Just wait for a good sale to snatch up a few pairs of those good quality ones!), these are a simple and hassle free gift that you can’t really go wrong with.

12) CDs


If you really can’t think of anything to get them, why not get them a CD from their favourite band, singer, etc. (And, if they don’t even like any music, well…again, you tried.) Yes, this is pretty generic, but if you still can’t think of anything to get that one person (It’s always that ONE person…), then why not try this? It’s hard to mess this up, as long as you know what types of music they like (Just avoid getting, say, a Justin Bieber CD for that hard-core pop hater). “But who listens to CDs these days?”. Well, then, just grab an iTunes gift card and be on your way. It’ll save you a lot of frustration. Try again next year? (P.S: Most K-Pop groups come out with holiday CDs, which would be perfect! I’m waiting for my “Miracles in December” album to come~I’m sure most singers do, actually, so that’ll be great as a Christmas gift!)

Well…I hope I’ve helped you cross at least one person off of your list. If not…well, happy hunting! There are some really good deals around this time of year, if you’re patient and know where to look! (Although the ever-growing December Christmas shopping crowd at the mall might be a bit of a hassle…as well as having to line up for an hour to get a single shirt or gift card.) I’m almost done all my Christmas shopping, but I still have a few people left. (Some people are just so impossible to shop for!) Good luck to us all, I guess. And happy holidays!

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