[Review] Tonymoly I’m Real Mask Sheet

The final mask from my haul! let’s see how this one fared, shall we?

Okay, well…I didn’t have huge expectations for this mask when I first got it. None of the other masks did anything for my acne (Not that I expected it to do much), and other masks made my skin slightly brightly, but that lasted for about a day. I got the rice mask, which claimed to do both, so I was a little skeptical, especially after my previous experiences.


Sorry the package looks crinkly in the picture…it’s because I folded it up after I was finished with it, and only THEN did I realize I hadn’t taken a picture of it yet.

The packaging was nice. I actually really liked it. The sheet mask was the best fit of all the sheet masks that I tried. It was a little on the thin side, but that made it almost like a second skin (Though I did make a tiny rip in one side trying to open it…). It also wasn’t too big, the eye and mouth holes were well sized and perfectly placed, too. Added with the fact that it was cold from being in the fridge, it was a great experience. The smell was basically some kind of artificial scent (A little like perfume) which was a bit off-putting, though.

I left this mask on for half an hour and, even then, it still had quite a bit of essence left! I was impressed. I used the rest of the essence on my neck, collarbone area…from the remaining essence in the package, I even had enough for my arms! I was really happy with the amount in this one mask.

The liquid absorbed pretty well and, right away, I noticed that my skin was both brighter and softer. My smaller pimples were even less red, which made me very happy. This effect lasted right into the next day…and even into the day after that! Even on the third morning, I could see some lingering effects


  • Nice packaging
  • Decent price (Less than $1.63)
  • Fit like a second skin
  • Mask and eye/mouth holes well sized and well placed
  • Lots of liquid
  • Made my skin brighter and softer
  • Made my smaller pimples less noticeable
  • Liquid absorbed quickly
  • Effect lasted about three days after application


  • Artificial scent reminiscent of perfume
  • Easy to rip

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase this? Yes.

I had to take a point off both for the scent and how easily it ripped. (Most perfume really bug me, so…) Other than that, this mask was great! Officially one of my new favourites, and a great introduction to Tonymoly! I’m eager to try out the other varieties…hope they’ll be as good as this one was!


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