[Review] Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask

Back with another review! This time, it’s a sheet mask from my Kpoptown haul. (I’m almost done reviewing all the items from that haul…wow! It doesn’t even feel like it’s been that long since I got it, but I guess it has…) Anyways, this was the cheapest item in my entire haul ($0.99!) and I got it in lemon, which is apparently for clear, soft skin and pores (Not sure what it’s supposed to do for my pores…).


The mask was not as thick as the other masks I tried. It was actually a pretty good thickness! It smelt kind of like lemon cleaner, though, which wasn’t exactly pleasant.


As usual, I place it in the fridge for a little bit before putting it on, for that cool, refreshing, relaxing feel.

Good news: The mask adhered to my face so well. It was actually pretty amazing. The actual size of the mask was also pretty good (It wasn’t really big, unlike the TheFaceShop ones…). Bad news: The placement of the eye and mouth holes was pretty bad. I was practically eating one of the edges, but, if I moved it up any more, the liquid would get into my eye. I had to be careful not to eat any of it or blind myself with it. They also had these flaps that folded down under the eye which was supposedly for double absorption or whatever, but they just made things kind of awkward.

I left this mask on for a little over 25 minutes, and it was pretty dry by then. There was still a bit of essence left, but not as much as the previous ones.

The liquid was absorbed pretty easily, which was good. I also noticed that my skin looked a little brighter (That wasn’t even one of its claims…), but not much else.

The next morning, though, I noticed that my skin was softer than usual. The slight glow also lasted throughout the next day. Not by a lot, mind you, but still enough to make me happy. (Keep in mind that this was only $0.99, so I wasn’t exactly expecting mind-blowing results…) This didn’t do anything for my pores, though.

For the small price that I paid for it, this was relatively good (Especially since the other masks I tried before this one didn’t yield great results…)


  • Cheap
  • Good thickness
  • Good size
  • Liquid absorbed easily
  • Brightened and softened my skin a bit


  • Smells like lemon cleaner
  • Holes badly spaced out
  • Didn’t do anything for my pores
  • Only made a slight difference

Overall rating: 8/10

Would I repurchase this? Yes.

Though it didn’t make much of a difference, the price was great for the temporary results. I wouldn’t buy a lot of these, only a few once in a while just to use whenever. They’re relaxing and cost less than most other face masks I’ve encountered.

Well…this leaves only one face mask in my haul yet to be reviewed! Glad I’m making progress.


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