Kpoptown and Cosmetic Love Combined Beauty Haul #2~^-^

I haven’t posted in a while, so I’ve decided to just go on a mini posting frenzy to make up for that. That, and I’m going to be busy for the next week or so and may not be able to post, so…guess we’ll just have to see how things go!

Anyways, while I was Christmas shopping online for some things, I couldn’t help but buy a few things for myself. (I don’t actually oder online THAT often, so I buy whatever when I do.)

This time, I decided to order from another site as well. Kpoptown’s shipping costs were starting to bug me a little, as were their lack of samples (They did say 1 sample per item, so it irks me that they aren’t true to their word), so I decided to order from Cosmetic-love, which I had heard pretty good things about. I was also looking to compare some sites, seeing if I could switch from Kpoptown to another site.

Anyways, let’s talk about the Kpoptown one first.

Order placed on: Nov. 13/13

Shipped: Nov. 15/13

Arrived: Dec. 03/13

So…15 business days. I’m not exactly happy with that, but it DOES fit within their ~4-16 business day thing, so I guess I can’t complain.



Same as before, my order came in a box, with bubble wrap both stuffed inside and wrapped around the items. At least KpopTown can be relied on to package your items well (They better, for the shipping they charge!).


This time, I was pleasantly surprised with 3 samples included. A package on instant coffee (I’m not quite sure whether or not I should drink that…I’m not much of a coffee drinker…), an Etude House Pearl Extract mask (Convenient, since I had been thinking about trying a pearl mask) and a small sample of TheFaceShop’s Aura Colour Control Cream (Which I had actually been kind of wanting to try, so…great!)


The actual items I ordered include:

(Note: I actually ordered the above plus 8 other masks, but those are gifts for others, so I’m just going to leave them out.)

They all came in perfect condition, and I’m pretty excited to try them out! I’ll be doing reviews on the items once I’ve used them a few times and feel that I’ve had enough experience with it to write a proper review.

Now…for the Cosmetic-Love half of the haul…

Order placed on: Nov. 13/13

Shipped: Nov. 14/13

Arrived: Nov. 29/13


11 business days, which is pretty decent. Now, what I loved about this site was the free shipping and the fact that, since I had ordered 5+ items, I got a free tracking number! Yay! That’s not all…




I got 7 samples, with 2 being full-size items (The mask and nose pack), which is even more than I ordered! (I ordered 6 items, total).

The samples include: A Missha Toner and Emulsion trial set, an Etude House Pomegranate Mask, a Nature Republic Blackhead Brake Clear Charcoal Nose Pack, a sample of TheFaceShop Face It Skinny Fit Gloss, Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam, Missha BB Boomer (Some kind of product to help BB Cream in specific stay in place…huh…I guess Koreans really do make everything in beauty.), and Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell White Skin Essence.

They have a chart of the amount of samples you get depending on how many items you order on their website, which is nice. You can also order samples of specific items, too (Though you won’t get any samples with that, obviously). That’s perfect for those times when you want to try an item, but don’t want to buy the full size version in case you don’t like it (I’m already considering ordering a few samples…they’re pretty cheap, plus I’ll get free shipping…there were a few samples I saw when I was browsing that I wanted to try out).


Now, on to the actual order:

They all came with bubble wrap in the box as well as bubble wrap around the items. Everything arrived safely, in perfect condition. Again, I’ll review these items after I’ve used them a few times.

Now…which site was better? Let’s compare:


  • Cheaper prices – Yay!
  • Great selection – Yay!
  • Shipping is costly – Boo!
  • Not that many samples – Boo!
  • Loyalty points available for most items – Yay!
  • Takes a pretty long time to arrive – Boo!
  • Packaged well – Yay!
  • Items came in great condition – Yay!


  • Can get a little pricey – Boo!
  • Selection is somewhat limited – Boo!
  • Free shipping – Yay!
  • Can buy samples to try out instead of full-size – Yay!
  • Tons of samples, plus a free tracking number for 5+ items – Yay!
  • Pretty good shipping time – Yay!
  • Packaged well – Yay!
  • Items came in great condition – Yay!

So, in short, it depends on what you want, really. KpopTown is overall cheaper (Even with their shipping), but they offer little samples. On the upside, they have a pretty big selection of items. Cosmetic-Love, though, offers free shipping, tons of samples and they have a bunch of samples available, which Kpoptown doesn’t have. This is something you’ll have to weigh yourself: Cheaper or more samples?

If you’re all about shipping, both sites package everything well, but Cosmetic-Love does seem to have faster shipping, plus, a tracking number is always good to have. On KpopTown, getting a tracking number racks up the already expensive shipping cost, which is why I usually don’t get one. I love how Cosmetic-Love gives free tracking numbers.

For me, I’ll probably alternate between both. When I’m getting only a few items, I’ll probably go on Cosmetic-Love, because of their amount of samples. I might keep looking around, though…maybe I’ll find a site that compromises between both price and samples? (I’d also prefer not to be sent food sent over three weeks ago from overseas…especially when I can’t even read the ingredients or anything.)

So…that’s it for my combined haul! If I have time this week, I might do a post on Christmas presents and such, so…I guess I’ll be seeing you guys soon!


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