EXO’s “Miracle of December” Album~

So…here I am, getting all hyper and excited about Christmas, and guess what festive image catches my eye?


EXO’s EXO-MAS tree! Honestly, I didn’t think the holidays could get any better, but they just did.

I also didn’t think that I’d have to spend any more money this December. Turns about I’m about to be wrong about that.

Anyways, I heard the intro on their website, and it sounds great! Honestly, it’s already stuck in my head. On the down side, the first time I heard it, I had difficulty figuring out what language I was hearing when…it got better after about three listens. I also can’t figure out how to get past the intro to the site itself…clicking on the snow globe just shows me this picture of the EXO-MAS tree with this blinding red background.

Unless you’re not supposed to be able to go onto the site? But that wouldn’t make sense. I’m probably just doing something wrong.

I don’t think this is an actual comeback, just a holiday thing (Read: Another way for SM to make more money…)

They have ‘Time Control’ and ‘Run & Gun’ as actual songs, so I’m really happy about that! Kai and Luhan’s teaser dance for ‘Time Control’ was amazing, so I can’t wait! I also loved the ‘Run & Gun’ teaser, so I’m super psyched about this album.

Anyways…’Miracle of December’ is another thing that I can add to ‘Things I love About December’! (Of course, Christmas is number 1 for that…nothing can beat it, not even EXO :P)


One thought on “EXO’s “Miracle of December” Album~

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