[Review] Etude House Princess 3D Mask

Another face mask review…


So…this was the 3rd mask out of my haul that I tried. This was supposed to “act as a natural inflammatory and antioxidant to reduce the appearance of acne, clears acne and control excessive oil”. (Apparently inspired by Marie Antoinette’s ‘secret beauty tip’? Not so secret anymore, though, I guess…) With a claim like that, how could I resist adding this to my cart? The 3D fit seemed kind of cool, too.

Anyways, so the smell of the mask is an artificial kind of sweetness…I can smell a bit of the wine mixed in, so it wasn’t exactly a pleasant smell. It wasn’t really unpleasant for me either, but I can imagine that it would be for some people.

This mask was pretty thick when I took it out, but that’s because it has the part that covers your neck, as well. The fit was decent. The eye and mouth holes were a pretty good size, and it wasn’t too ridiculously big. The part that goes around your neck fit pretty well, and I liked that.

It was relaxing when I put it on…for all of 5 seconds.

After that, I started feeling this burning. It started around my nose and cheeks and then spread to the rest of my face. And no, it wasn’t the “you know it’s working” kind of burning. It was a “you’re going to come out of this with red, puffy cheeks” burning. It wasn’t just burning in parts I had acne, either. It was literally burning EVERYWHERE. I lifted part of the mask off, though, and saw nothing. I left this on for about 5 more minutes, but then the burning got so bad that I had to take it off.

It was a shame, as it was the most expensive mask in my haul, but I ended up throwing it out. Strangely enough, it didn’t burn on my my hands or anything, only when it was on my face.

The burning when away a few minutes later, after all the essence was pretty much absorbed. Luckily, there was no reaction of any kind after that, so I was really relieved.

I didn’t leave it on long enough to comment on its effects, and I didn’t see any either.

I don’t really regret not leaving it on longer. I mean, I don’t know if it would’ve worked or not, but, either way, it wouldn’t have been worth it. The burning sensation i felt was pretty bad.


  • Pretty good fit
  • Has a part for your neck


  • Burned like crazy
  • Weird smell

Overall rating: 2.5/10

Would I repurchase this? No.

Honestly, I felt like this was just a waste of my money. Plus, it got me all panicked over whether or not I would get an allergic reaction to this. It was fortunate that nothing happened aside from the burning, but still. Just so you know, I’m not usually sensitive to things. This was probably pretty rare, though, so, hopefully, it’s worked for other people.

I’m actually pretty upset that my experience with face masks so far has been this bad. Well, there are still a few more left from my haul, and I haven’t lost all hope yet, so let’s hope I find at least one that I’ll like. It’s kind of sad how this is my only goal right now…

Anyways…let’s hope the next review’ll be better!


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