[Review] TheFaceShop Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet

Another face mask review! This is my second mask review, and it’s another TheFaceShop one.

TheFaceShop Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet

I had hoped this one would work better than the other TheFaceShop mask that I had tried, especially since I bought two of these…another one of my haul items.

Basically, I have combination skin. Read: By the afternoon, my t-zone is shiny and greasy and just plain gross. Like most people who have my skin type, I have been searching far and wide for products that will control the oil on my t-zone without drying out the other parts of my face. When I saw this product, I just couldn’t resist adding it to my cart. A mask for both oil control and acne? Sounds perfect for me.

Anyways, just to see its effectiveness, I bought two and used both within two weeks.

It was $2.66, though, making it the most expensive mask in my order. I had ordered two, too, so I really hoped that it would be worth it.

After being in the fridge for 15 minutes, this mask feels great on my face. It’s kind of thick, and full of serum, but not as much as the other mask. It was itchy in a few places, but I’m starting to suspect that’s from their thick cotton masks.

TheFaceShop Mask

The mask fit better than the Real Nature one, but it was still kind of big. That should be expected though, I guess. At least the holes were sized decently.

The smell is a cross between chemicals and herbal medication…but, surprisingly, not unpleasant. I didn’t exactly like it, but I didn’t mind it. After a few minutes, you get used to it. It smells weird enough that I can see some people disliking it, though.

I left this mask on for about 25 minutes, when it was starting to dry out. I rubbed the excess serum on parts of my body where I sometimes get pimples, as I wasn’t sure what to do with it but didn’t want to waste it, either.

The oil control for this mask is pretty good, but it didn’t make my skin oil free, even just for the next day. I woke up with less than half the oil I usually wake up to, which was nice, but also a little disappointing, as I expected it to work better. Throughout the day, my skin produced less oil, about 65% or so less, which was great!

As for my acne, it did absolutely nothing for it. The redness, size…nothing changed. Not even the next day or after the second use. I guess it felt a bit soothed the night I used the mask, but that might just have been because the mask was cool from being the fridge. On the bright side, it didn’t make it worse, either. I had expected more, though, especially since it had green tea and all.

My skin didn’t feel or look any different after, except that it produced less oil. Again, it didn’t make my skin look or feel worse, so at least that’s a good thing.

Basically, aside from decreased oil on my t-zone for one day, this mask did nothing for me.


  • My skin had a lot less oil the next day
  • Produced very little oil throughout the next day
  • Didn’t cause any breakouts


  • A little itchy
  • Some people may not like the smell
  • Did absolutely nothing else for my skin or acne

Overall rating: 6/10

Would I repurchase this? No.

Though it does what it promises (Controls oil), it does nothing else. Considering the price of this mask, it’s not worth repurchasing. I would rather buy a mask that actually DOES something to help my skin. The effects of this mask only last a day, anyways. It’s too bad that this didn’t work.

I’m not having great luck in terms of the skincare stuff I bought during my haul, am I? Let’s just hope that the other items won’t disappoint. Right now, I’m just hoping that there will at least be one face mask that I like enough to repurchase.


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