[Review] Missha Cleansing Tissue

A short review for you guys…

I got this as a sample during my KpopTown beauty haul, and, after using it a few times, decided to do a short review on it. I mistakenly thought it was BB cream or something for a few seconds because of the sticker and the words “Real Complete BB Cream” when I first took it out of the box.


These are basically moist, thick cotton-like tissue. They weren’t really moist or anything, so I had been a little skeptical at first about how effective they would be but, hey, they were free.

Also, it doesn’t have a very strong smell, which is nice.

Surprisingly, these actually work pretty well. I didn’t use waterproof make-up, but almost everything came off in one or two swipes. My mascara took three, but that’s still pretty good.

These are a lot of convenient to carry around than an entire bottle of make-up remover and cotton pads, and a lot easier to use, as well. I usually have to use a couple of cotton pads in order to take off all my make-up, but just one sheet of this did it for me!

They do make my face feel kind of dry afterwards, though.

All in all, these worked pretty well and, with 10 sheets, I’ll still quite a few uses with this, seeing as just one sheet took the make-up off of my entire face.


  • Doesn’t have a strong smell
  • Takes make-up off easily
  • Convenient
  • One sheet works for my entire face


  • Makes my skin feel dry afterwards

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase these? I didn’t exactly purchase these to begin with, but sure.

This was my first experience with cleansing tissue, and I felt pretty satisfied with it. I’ve seen cleansing tissue/wipes around here, so I might try those out before I pay the shipping for Missha ones.


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