[Review] Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Makeup Fixer

Another review, since I had been away for so long…

I had been on the lookup for items that would  help keep my make-up from sliding off of my T-zone, and just, in general, products that would control the oil and shine on my T-zone. I had needed a make-up fixer and, when I saw this one, I got because of the cute packaging and also because of its claims to control oil as well as make make-up last longer. It claims to be a “control functional mist that controls overflow of sebum and lengthens duration of make-up”. I got this during my Kpoptown beauty haul, for those of you who remember that post.


I have used this product about three times, and I think that’s sufficient for a review.

Okay, I thought that the packaging was pretty adorable. The winking cloud, the pastel colours…this is part of what interested me in the items. It was pretty simple, but I still really liked it. This is pretty typical with most Asian beauty items. They generally have the best (Read: Cutest) packaging.


The bottle’s also pretty small, which means you can carry it around.

It’s also mineral oil, paraben, talc and vaseline free, which is great.

Anyways, this mist was okay to put on. It was kind of awkward since it wasn’t exactly the light mist I expected. It dispenses quite a bit in a pretty strong spritz, which surprised me the first time I used it. Seriously, after 3 sprays, my face was shiny and covered in the liquid. It absorbed quickly, though, so I didn’t mind it all that much.

If you’re not careful, though, some of your make-up will start running. You have to wait at least about 5 minutes before you should use this spray. I learned this the hard way the first time I used it.

The smell isn’t great, but it lingers for such a short amount of time that I didn’t really mind.

The first claim: It controls sebum. This was the thing that attracted me to this product the most, and I was really excited to use this. The first time, when I used it over liquid foundation, it was sort of effective. By the end of the day, I only had about 60% the amount of oil that I usually had. It didn’t work great, but at least it worked.

When I used it with BB cream, though, it was a different story. It literally did nothing to control my oil. The second and third times I used it, I found that my face was still as shiny and oily as it would have been without the spray.

Let’s just say that I was pretty disappointed when I looked in the mirror halfway through the day and found my T-zone coated in oil.

Let’s move on to the second claim: Lengthens the duration of make-up.

This one, fortunately, was true. My foundation/BB cream lasted pretty much the entire day, as did the rest of my make-up. Surprisingly, my make-up didn’t slide off as much as it would’ve without this spray, despite the oil on my face.

So, basically, if you want something that will keep your make-up looking fairly fresh and last pretty much all day, this is the spray for you.

If you want a product that controls oil, though, you should keep looking. That’s what I’m going to be doing while using up this spray.


  • Cute packaging
  • Convenient packaging
  • Some oil control when used with liquid foundation
  • Lengthens duration of make-up
  • Mineral oil, paraben, talc and vaseline free


  • Overall, doesn’t control oil
  • Sprays too much at once (Not a light mist)
  • Weird smell

Overall rating: 5/10

Would I repurchase this? No.

I like how this really holds my make-up in place, but I really want something with oil control. I was really disappointed with this spray, which is too bad. I had wanted to love it, because it had sounded too good to be true. Which, I guess, it ended up being.


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