Korean Make-Up and Beauty Products


For the longest time, I wondered what online shops would be the best for ordering Korean cosmetics. Unless you lived in Korea, which many of us don’t, there was really no way to obtain these kinds of things. A few of us might be lucky enough to have a few shops, but, inevitably, it always comes down to some online shop.

Some of you may recall the beauty haul I posted a little while ago, from KpopTown. Well, recently, I ordered from there again, but decided that the crazy shipping bothered me too much. (I mean, out of ~$70.00, almost $30.00 was shipping!) So, I decided to look around for better options.

I’m always really skeptical of ordering online, doing research and reading other people’s reviews about sites before ordering from them. Eventually, I found three others that looked like they could be decent substitutes: W2Beauty, Cosmetic love, BonjourHK, C&C Canada and RoseRoseShop.

I decided to place a second order on one of these other websites, for comparison. Before that, I did a little research to decide which site would be best to order from. I actually found out quite a bit about the first three, and some about the last two.

Now, I haven’t gotten either of the packages yet ( It’s only been 2 days, though) but, when I do, I’ll post again to let you guys know my findings. Hope my packages arrive quickly!


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