G-Dragon’s “WHO YOU?” MV

G-Dragon has come back with yet ANOTHER song! (If you haven’t seen the MV yet, you can see it here.) Wow…he’s been really active lately…not that I have a problem with that. I’ve loved every song and music video so far, so I was really excited when I found out that this one came out. It was released on 8:08, to represent his birthday (August 18) which, for some reason, seems kind of like typical G-Dragon behaviour to me, making it so that even the time the MV is released means something.


Anyways, I was surprised and kind of touched when the first thing I saw on the MV was this:

“This music video was made by G-dragon and the personal recording of 1,000 of this fans.”

Ignoring the grammatical errors and stuff for a minute (I mean, they did relatively pretty well with the English compared to other companies…*cough*SM’s many non-sensical English lyrics*cough* Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of SM bands and songs, it’s just…well…), isn’t that just sweet? And a unique thing to do, involving the fans in the making of his video.

The song is amazing. I wasn’t disappointed, which makes me really happy.

I was also surprised by his relatively normal hair but it did fit the MV. (You know you’ve seen too many weird hairstyles lately when a relatively normal one is the one that surprises you…)


I am really jealous of his piano right now…I actually really love it.

The thing that really got me was the video, though.

You can really see how much his fans love him in this video. Plus, with 1, 000 fans and probably even more cameras, they got a lot of good and unique angles. GD looks good from any angle, of course, but I just found that really nice. The glass box was really cool (Though I suspect that was more to keep the fans from getting TOO crazy), and the overall set was simple yet really cool. The lyrics written on the set made me like it even more. I actually liked every single lyric I saw, which made me love the song even more. You can see some written on the piano in the picture above.

Also, I don’t know much about cars, but I’m pretty sure the one in the video was pretty expensive. Read: Something I will never be able to afford in my lifetime. Ever. (I looked this up…I was right. It IS a Lamborghini. Leave it to GD to find some way to show off both his nice car and gold microphone.)

The end was nice, actually listing all the fans’ names and showing even MORE footage.

With so much footage, it must’ve taken forever to sort through it. But it produced this amazing MV.

This video is the perfect example of how you don’t need some flashy, high budget set and impossible complicated dance to get a good video. Whoever came up with this idea is something short of a genius, actually.

G-Dragon’s latest videos and songs have all been so amazing that I can’t wait to see his next release! Plus, T.O.P is making a comeback soon, so I’m really curious about that. Especially after that latest teaser…

Yeah…I have no idea what’s happening in it. If you’re curious, you can see it here.

More than that, though, I wonder what Big Bang’s next comeback will be like? Apparently it’s going to be sometime within this year, so they’re going to have to work quickly to fit it in with all these other comebacks. They’ll have a lot to live up to after all these GD and Taeyang comebacks. Knowing Big Bang, it’s probably going to be something short of mind blowing…


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