[Review] The Saem Saemmul Tint

My first lip tint! I actually got this in my KpopTown beauty haul, and I was really excited to try it out. I wasn’t really familiar with the brand until G-Dragon did an ad for it, so I wondered if it was any good. It was difficult finding reviews for this online, so I decided to do one for it. I got this tint in pink. In the picture, it looks like it’s leaning a bit on the orange side but, in reality, it’s a darker shade of pink, and leaning towards red almost. When I look at it, I think of a pink rose.

2013-11-04 16.23.41

This is a water based lip tint with “spring water, birch sap, western rose extract, vitamin E acetate”…hmm, interesting. It also claims that your skin will feel refreshed, light and water cool (Whatever that means) and that their “double-coating system” leaves moisture and “defends dehydrating”. Their “masking system” also “removes bitterness of tint” and “gives luscious taste”. That’s a long, very intriguing description. I didn’t understand some of it (They defend dehydration and leaves your lips watery cool…? What?), but I understood enough.

The bottle is pretty small, but it’s convenient to carry, which I like. I also like the brush, which is just a doe foot applicator, because it applies the product nicely.

I really like how this tint is water based, because it’s easy to put on and feels cool and refreshing on my lips. So, I guess that’s what “watery cool” means?

Here’s a swatch: (The lighting is really bad, and I apologize for that. In reality, the colour is, again, a tiny bit darker than that.)

2013-11-04 16.25.05

It smells artificially sweet, though. It’s not bad, and it doesn’t really linger long, but I thought I’d just mention that. Unfortunately, their claim about the whole “masking system” thing wasn’t really true. It was bitter, but in that cherry cough syrup kind of way, where you know they tried to add some kind of artificial sweetness to mask the bitterness, but it didn’t really work out. I can say with confidence, though, that  the taste was definitely not luscious.

The tint was easy to spread on my lips and looked pretty natural. I really liked the colour, actually. No…I loved it. It was pretty and, unlike lip glosses, there was no stickiness at all. It was pretty pigmented, and only took one coat for the colour to completely show up. Any more was a bit overwhelming for my everyday wear. It didn’t leave any residue when I drank, which I also really liked. It actually felt like there wasn’t really anything on my lips at all, which amazed me.

Though it feels cool and refreshing at first, it’s still pretty drying on its own. When I wear this, I always put lip balm on underneath it. It doesn’t moisturize your lips or prevent dehydration, despite what they claim.

The lasting time for this was pretty good. The tint lasted for about 4 hours, but the colour itself lasted around 7 hours, with regular eating and drinking. (I actually ate dinner and drank multiple glasses of water with this lip tint on) I reapplied after 4 hours once and just ended up making the colour darker. Overall, that’s pretty good compared to the other lip products that I own.


  • Good bottle design
  • Easy to apply
  • Feels refreshing and cool
  • Pigmented
  • Colour comes out really nicely
  • Doesn’t leave residue
  • Light
  • Lasts a pretty long time


  • Artificially sweet smell
  • Bad taste, despite claim
  • Can dry out lips if worn alone

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase this? Yes.

This is my first lip tint, and I am totally in love with it right now. I want to try out other lip tints, just to see if they’re this good. I’m really curious about those jelly tints, actually. I think it’d be interesting to compare the two.

As for the rating, it’s really high, but that’s because I expected the tint to be bitter, and didn’t really expect it to be all that moisturizing, anyways. The smell doesn’t linger long, and it discourages me from ingesting the product so, in its own way, that’s a good thing. I don’t think I would’ve wanted it to have a “luscious taste”, anyways.

Anyways, my experience with lip tints so far have been nothing but good, so let’s hope that it stays this way.

I’ll be reviewing more products from my haul soon, and I just hope the fact that I had such a positive experience with this product is an indicator of good things to come!


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