KpopTown Beauty Haul~^-^


I’ve been wanting to try out a few products from some Asian brands for a while now, and I finally got my package yesterday! I didn’t get all that much, and it’s mostly just masks. They’re not all beauty products, but the ones that are are the ones that I’ll be reviewing/talking about in more detail, etc.


I’ve ordered from KpopTown before, and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. Their customer service replies pretty quickly, and is actually quite helpful, once you get past all the broken English. It got here in about 9 business days, which is pretty good, considering it came from the other side of the planet and all. I’ve included a few pictures, for anybody who’s interested. And just for people’s viewing pleasure. Oh, and so this post isn’t all text…because that can be pretty boring.


As you can see, they packaged everything in a box, with tons of packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Each item was wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap, which was nice. It was actually difficult getting some of the items out of their bubble wrap packaging, which made me feel even better about the safety of the items coming from KpopTown.

Anyways, they had a promotion going on where there was one sample given for each item in an order, so I was really excited to see what samples I would get, as I had ordered 15 items. Unfortunately, I only got one sample, but at least all my items were in great condition, and it came in a decent amount of time.


So, back to the actual haul. Here’s a list of the beauty products that I got:

And, in case anyone here is curious, here are the non-beauty items that I got:

  • Pinkage Bangs –> I can’t really figure out how to put these on and make it look natural, but…I’m sure it’ll work out soon, if I try a few more methods…?
  • EXO Gold Ear Cuff –> This came in the most adorable red box. It was quite a pleasant surprise, actually. Kind of like a surprise gift for myself.


I’ll probably be doing reviews on quite a few of these items in these next few months…especially those sheet masks and that tint. I’ve really been wanting to try out one of those famous face masks that I always see blog posts raving about. Of course, I’m taking a chance with a few of these items…there were some I couldn’t find reviews on anywhere but decided to order anyways, just because…by the end of the year, I will have put lemon, rice, red wine, honey and some volcanic clay on my face…interesting.

If the masks work really well, I may order some more with whatever’s left over from my Christmas money. I actually may order some more items depending on how satisfied I am with these ones. Though I’m a still miffed over the samples thing, I wasn’t ordering just to get samples anyways, so it’s not going to stop me from ordering again if I like the items. The shipping, though, is a deterrence. I might explore around a little to see if there are better options. I might, the shipping cost on this order was over $20.00, which made me really unhappy. Some of the items were really cheap (Ex: Missha mask was $0.98), though, so…I guess we’ll see what happens…

Anyways, looking forward to trying these out. Thanks for stopping by!


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