[Review] Wet ‘n’ Wild Nail Polish

Another nail polish review! I wonder how many of these I’ll do by the end of the year?

This time, I’ll be reviewing my Wet ‘n’ Wild Black Creme!


First off, the brush. It’s not amazing, but it does its job well. It’s easy to use and applies the polish evenly, which makes me happy enough. Sadly, the ink on the bottle fades after a while, but that doesn’t affect the performance of the polish itself or anything. Just thought I should mention that, though.

The nail polish itself applied like a dream. Not streaky, though it was a little goopy, but I’m fine with that. It applies evenly, with a pretty insane amount of shine for something I only paid $2 for. It definitely lived up to its name “Wild Shine”. It was smooth and opaque with only one coat, which amazed me. I mean, for a price like that, I had expected a lot less.

It took about 15 minutes to completely dry, but that’s pretty normal for me. As for the wear time, it was almost two weeks before it started to chip, and that’s with top coat. That’s pretty good.

Overall, I absolutely loved this polish!


  • Great price
  • Crazy amount of shine
  • Opaque with only one coat
  • No streaking
  • Good wear time


  • Formula is a little goopy

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase this? Definitely!

I’m not sure about the other Wet ‘n’ Wild polishes, but this has become my HG black polish. I absolutely love the price and polish, and I’ll be trying out some of their other polishes soon! I hope they’ll all be as great as this one, and for a price that low, it’ll be all too tempting to want to try out as many as possible.

So, this review is a bit shorter than my usual ones, but I hoped that it was still helpful to someone out there. I guess it’s shorter because I didn’t have many negative comments to say about it? Perhaps.

Until next time!


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