[Review] Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer

Okay, so…I’ve been using this moisturizer for well over a year and decided to finally do a review on it.


First off, it claims to do the following:

“Clinically shown to improve tone, texture, brown spots, dullness and blotchiness”.

I was intrigued by its claim and wanted to try it out, just to see if it really did what it said it would. It also has SPF, which I really liked. This was particular good for someone like me, who’s lazy and always forgets to put on sunscreen.

First off, it’s a pump bottle, which I actually like. I don’t really like those moisturizers that come in containers and you have to put your fingers in to get some cream out each time. It pumps out a good amount. About 2 or 3 pumps is usually enough to cover both my face and neck. It’s also not some cheap pump or anything, and there’s a good amount of product in there.

It’s easy to apply and is absorbed pretty quickly, assuming you don’t put on too much. It does in fact brighten up my skin up a little when I apply it. If you look closely at your fingers after applying the cream, you can see that it is a little sparkly, which is what, I assume, causes your face to look brighter.

I have combination skin, which means that my T-zone gets pretty oily after a few hours, and this cream actually makes that a bit worse. I can always blot the oil, but I don’t really like how this cream makes my face oilier after less time. That part sucks. I guess this wouldn’t be a problem for someone with dry skin, though.

Now, about whether or not it actually does what it claims that it will.

It’s true that, right after application, it does in fact make improve skin tone, texture and dullness, and makes brown spots less noticeable. I can’t really comment on blotchiness because that doesn’t really apply to me. However, though it makes it look better, even after a year of use, I cannot see much actual difference. After the cream wears off, you can’t really see any difference. It says “after 30 days”, but it’s been over a year for me and there’s little difference…I should mention, though, that this is a really good moisturizer in terms of how soft my skin is after using this. I noticed a difference within a week of using this. My skin was, and is, a lot softer.


  • Has SPF protection
  • Good amount of product
  • Good bottle design
  • Easy to apply
  • Absorbed quickly
  • Immediately brightens up face
  • Makes skin soft


  • Makes skin oily
  • Doesn’t deliver on its claims very well

Overall rating: 7/10

Would I repurchase this? Yes.

Though it’s true that I don’t like how oily this makes my skin and how it doesn’t really deliver on its claims, it’s still the best moisturizer I have ever used. I like how soft it makes my skin, and the SPF is a definite plus. In addition, it’s non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, which is great for me, since my skin seems to be sensitive to the strangest things at the worst times.

So, that’s it for this review. Maybe I’ll try out some different moisturizers after this bottle is used up, but I might just stick with this one. No use in trying to replace something that works fine, right?


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