K.Will’s “You Don’t Know Love” MV Teaser

Image (Note: This post will mostly consist of me fangirling about this beautiful Korean boy…also known as Chanyeol from EXO-K~<3)

I said I would be fangirling about K-Pop on this blog, as well. Well…a couple posts later, here it is!

First and foremost: The song. The minutes I heard the piano in the beginning, I knew I was going to love this song. Being a piano player myself, I can’t help but be drawn by songs played on the piano. Especially sad ones. Which, from even just the teaser, you could tell this was totally going to be. The title just added to my suspicions. Which brings me to my second point, the teaser itself.

I have been an EXO fan from the moment I saw that Kai teaser (He’s not my EXO-K bias…but that doesn’t mean he’s one of the reasons my bias list for EXO is pretty much non-existent…), and, if I had to be honest, I admit that I was mostly drawn to this teaser by the mention of Chanyeol’s name. I had seen pictures of this before, and was curious about the actual video itself. It turned out to be even better than I expected! Chanyeol’s crying just broke my heart, and I couldn’t help but think, “Wow. If SM trained this boy a little more, you could totally throw him in a drama as the male lead.” He definitely has the raw talent for that. I know some people will disagree with me.

Let’s just agree to disagree, alright?

Now, just to clear something up, I really am a fan of K.Will, and it was not only Chanyeol that drew me to this video. I am a total sucker for sad love songs. I have a love-hate relationship with them, actually. My favourite songs are pretty much all pretty but sad songs, but I hate that they make me feel all heartbroken. Which I could totally tell this song and video were going to do to me. I knew that the moment I heard the first notes and Chanyeol’s tears made me totally sure of that.

Another thing that I’m going to be honest about: I have no idea who the girl in the video is. I thought she was some singer or actress I had never heard of when I first saw her name, then wondered if she was a trainee, like that girl in Boyfriend’s “JANUS”. I Googled her (Admit it, you did too.), and found out that she is apparently a figure skater. Now, what is a figure skater doing in a music video? Either there’s something I’m missing or I have the wrong girl. Oh, well.

So, thanks to this teaser, I think I love Chanyeol even more than I did before. How could you not? The boy is beautiful, with that smooth, deep voice and adorable smile. And, apparently, he is a pretty good actor for someone that I’ve heard people call “Just another pretty boy in the industry”. After this, “Genie” and “Twinkle”, I definitely love him more.

Guess I just can’t help but love EXO. And, really, who can blame me? Now, I’m going to move one before I start fangirling like crazy XD

I can confidently say that I am definitely anticipating the release of the full MV. Not only do I think that I am going to LOVE this song, the teasing little bit that they’ve shown of the storyline definitely has me intrigued, despite the obvious, looming, heartbreaking ending that it’s going to have.

If you still haven’t watched the teaser yet, you’re definitely missing out. It may only be 41 seconds long, but it is definitely worth it, and speaks a lot more than 45 seconds worth.

K.Will’s You Don’t Know Love Teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQ-M61LiuBY

Can’t wait for it to release on 2013.10.18 (i.e. tomorrow!)


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