[Review] The Body Shop Love Gloss

Since I’m already on a roll…post #5! (I know this is looking more like a beauty blog than a K-Pop one, but I promise…K-Pop posts will be coming soon! Probably when one of the albums I ordered gets here or something XD)


I wanted a nice, moisturizing lip gloss, so I decided to get this one. It’s just called “01 Natural”, which makes sense, since it looks untinted on my lips. It’s pretty much a clear gloss to me, which was what I was essentially looking for (Something I could wear every day). On The Body Shop site, it’s called “Love Gloss for Lips”. Did they really need to specify? Is there Love Gloss for other parts of the body or something? O.o Whatever. Anyways, the description on the site says:

“This high shine gloss comes with a heart-shaped applicator wand for precise application.”

It also says that it’s moisturizing. It came in a bunch colours, but I only bought the clear one. It wasn’t shockingly expensive or anything, but it definitely wasn’t cheap either. I tend to wear it almost everyday, because I don’t want to waste the bottle (I don’t like wasting my products, unless I really hate them :P). I have been using this for months now, so I think that’s long enough to come to a verdict about this gloss.

First off, the packaging. The first thing I noticed was how the bottle was nice and slim. The silver border and hearts on the bottle made me like it even more. It looked cute, but not overly so. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love cute things as much as the next girl, but bottles like these ones are generally easier to carry in purses and pockets. Unfortunately, a few months later, the ink on the bottle started fading. I kind of expected this, but it still sucks.

Secondly, the application. It’s easy to apply and isn’t overly glossy, but it’s kind of sticky, as pretty much all glosses are. The applicator was pretty nice, so they get brownie points for that. It doesn’t really last that long, though. With lip balm underneath, this lasts for maybe…3 hours, without eating or drinking. After that, my lips start to get all dry. If you eat or drink with this gloss on, you’ll probably have to re-apply almost each time. I don’t have to re-apply after, say, a glass of water, but I will have to after eating breakfast or lunch.

Also, it isn’t all that moisturizing. Sure, it’ll make your lips LOOK like their moisturized, but it won’t really do anything to actually moisturize them. Actually, my lips were kind of dry after using this.

I can’t really comment on the tint or anything, since I didn’t get any of the tinted ones, but I will comment on how this looks over lipstick. I’ve only used it over lipstick a few times, but it looks pretty good. It’s not so glossy that it makes your lips look oily, in a really bad way, but it’s just glossy enough that it makes your lips look nice and moist. Another thing that I like about this gloss is that it doesn’t feel really heavy, either. As for the high-shine thing, it had a really nice shine to it but, like I said before, not too glossy.

Oh, and if anybody’s wondering, it doesn’t really taste like anything. Before you say anything, let me just say that I didn’t lick the lipgloss or anything. When something’s on your lips practically everyday, you’re bound to taste it at one point or another. Just saying.


  • Convenient bottle design (It’s pretty general, but nothing better than a classic, right? XD)
  • Good applicator
  • Not too heavy
  • Makes lips look moist
  • Not too thick
  • No taste (Although I guess some people don’t really like that, huh…)


  • Not exactly cheap, compared to some other products
  • Not moisturizing, can be a bit drying after prolonged use (Can be fixed with lip balm)
  • Staying power is so-so (I guess 3 or so hours is pretty average for a lipgloss…?)
  • Ink on packaging fades (Not a big deal, but thought that I’d include it anyways)

Overall Rating: 8/10

Would I repurchase this? Maybe. I want to try out some other glosses and compare them before deciding what I want to make THE lipgloss I wear all the time (Or my HG lipgloss).

I have some other lip products I’m using right now, and a few that I’m planning to try soon, so I’ll see how that goes. I generally want to use products more than once before I review them, just so I can really see how effective or good that product is. I guess we’ll see how that goes, huh?


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