Hello World~^-^

Shattering Heart Bubble

So…I’m not quite sure how I should begin, so maybe I’ll start by saying a little bit about myself? I know people don’t really like reading these long “About Me” posts about people they’ll never meet, so I’ll keep this short and sweet:

  • I LOVE K-Pop…and music in general
  • I’m not a beauty junkie, but that doesn’t stop me from being interested in beauty products every now and then
  • I’m not shy, but I’m not outrageously loud and outgoing either…although sometimes I’m a little on the crazy side XD
  • I do a lot of things, and have a lot of interests, but here are just a few: Music, writing, photography

So yeah…I guess that’s enough about me. There’s no real way I can describe what I’m going to be posting in this blog, but I guess I’ll just be posting…whatever? K-Pop fangirling, reviews on stuff…I guess just whatever I feel like?

Thanks for reading! Why not stick around and see what happens in the future? ^-^


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