First Order of Business

Balloons in the sky

Well…I just want to talk a little about this blog…the last post was mostly about me XD
The Name: Why the heck am I naming this ‘delicatedesire’? What kind of name is that? Well…let me explain a little. When thinking of a name for this (I always overthink things -__-“), I was trying to come up with something unique and…well, that meant something. Not just “randombeautykpopreviews” or something. I also wanted something that related to my username XD I decided on delicatedesire because…well…I was feeling a little deep. The delicate desire can be whatever you want it to be, but my only thought was: Desires are delicate. Easy to acquire, easy to lose. They can be something deep and meaningful or even nothing at all. Whatever it is, it’s a fragile thing that can come and go at any time. You can think whatever you want, but this is what I originally had in mind.

The Posts: Nothing really so far, but I just started this today. In general, I’ll be fangirling about K-Pop, maybe reviewing a few MVs and albums. I’ll be doing beauty reviews, as well. There will be the occasional random post, but that should be expected in the blogging world, am I right? 🙂

Everything Else: I’m basically creating this for not only my own enjoyment, but also for the enjoyment of whoever happens to stumble across this blog. I can only hope that at least a few people will find something to read on my blog…once I get past the typical introductions and such…and actually think of something to write about XD

So…that’s about it. Few of you will probably actually read this (I rarely do, to be honest ^^;…), but I’m still excited to jump into this blogging business. I can get off-topic easily (Here I go XD) and tend to just write excessively about random junk, but…let’s just hope for the best!


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